Psychological test – discover your hidden qualities

Psychologists believe that every person is unique. It is rather difficult to describe yourself and your character. You cannot know everything about yourself. But, with the help of psychological tests, you can get closer to the secret of yourself.

Take a look at these 10 flowers and choose the one you like best. Then see the result.

test flower
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren

Psychological test - choose a flower and discover the hidden qualities of your personality

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1. Poppy

This scarlet flower reminds you: you are just as colorful, bright and a little dizzy. People are drawn to you like moths to a flame, a powerful force that you probably don’t even know existed.

Like a poppy, you are able to exert an intoxicating effect on others and to rule over them. Try not to put too much pressure on people and play with their feelings, otherwise you risk earning a reputation for being manipulative.

2. Iris

This vibrant flower is very popular with artists, and for good reason. He’s beautiful, but quite challenging, just like you! If you chose iris, chances are you are a creative and spiritual person. However, you quickly get bored with everything, forget about your obligations and given promises, so people are often disappointed in you.

3. Tulip

Tulips are very popular flowers, and if you chose them, then you will surely adore travel and experience. You enjoy life, love to have fun, and get the most out of your needs. Remember that your passion for excess can lead you to a standstill, bankrupt, or cause a lot of trouble.

4. Rose

You are a classic romantic with a tendency to see only the good in people. When you fall in love, you lose your head and begin to actively show your feelings for the chosen one. However, you should remember that you, like a rose, have thorns. When you are hurt, you are capable of stabbing and scratching someone who dares to offend you.

5. Lily

The ancient Greeks highly appreciated this flower and believed that the goddess Hera raised it from her own breast milk. Chances are, you are a very caring person and an ideal parent. Appreciate your loved ones and are capable of much for their sake. You take love and romance very seriously and only strive for responsible and lasting relationships.

6. Orchid

The orchid is considered one of the most exquisite, mysterious and elegant flowers, so you have a lot in common! You enjoy spending time alone, although you probably have a small circle of very close friends. You are an esthete who appreciates beauty, but you cannot be called superficial. Nevertheless, you sometimes manage to leave behind the impression of a selfish and arrogant person.

7. Violet

Violet is a cute miniature plant with an alluring and seductive scent. You are a little like a violet in modesty and restraint. Although these qualities make you not a very visible person.

You are a simple and laconic person who does not immediately make contact. Unfortunately, sometimes your silence can be misinterpreted and this leads to misunderstandings.

8. Daisy

This flower is a symbol of cheerfulness, and if you have chosen a daisy, then you are a smiling optimist. Although people around you think that you are sweet and naive as a child, in reality you are a hurricane person, prone to adventures, eager to tickle your (and others) nerves a little.

9. Narcissus

It is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. You can very well achieve this, but only if you work hard towards your goals. Chances are, you are an ambitious and assertive person! Be careful not to forget about tact and good manners, otherwise you will be perceived as an extremely vain person.

10. Sunflower

Like a sunflower, you are bright and cheerful. Know how to comfort and support people. Your help and motivation very often changes their lives for the better. But, some people from your environment can use your kindness for their own selfish purposes.

And your problem is that sometimes there are too many of you, and those around you get tired of it.

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