Psychological test for strengths and weaknesses of character

This psychological test was developed using Jungian analysis, a branch of psychotherapy that explores the soul.

Deciphering the symbols of the unconscious is an exciting, deliberate and amazingly healing process.

You can spend a lot of time and money in psychotherapy trying to figure out all your problems, or go to some expensive retreat on the weekend, where they promise you all the answers, however, there are other, easier and faster ways to find out. what are your deepest hidden capabilities and weaknesses.

Take a quick look at the picture and remember the image you saw immediately. Now let’s look at the result of your choice.

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1. The face of a man

Your greatest strength is your ability to be sober even in difficult and crisis situations. Where most people break down and lose their heads from fear, you will pull yourself together and deal with the problem. You are a very strong personality, but of course you are not perfect.

Your main weakness is the desire to get away from your difficult and difficult emotions. Closeness and restraint are your coping tactics, it helps you focus during difficult times, but you have carried these tactics into your everyday life. It is not easy for you to weaken your outer armor and open up to others in your feelings and experiences. You should get rid of the image of the “stalwart tin soldier” and be a living person.

2. Table

Your greatest strength is your ability to listen, hear and understand those around you. You have amazing communication skills, and even the most private people who find it difficult to express their feelings and thoughts become more open with you.

And if communication and empathy are your strengths, then passivity and inaction are your weaknesses. You enjoy helping others, discussing their problems, making an endless list of pros and cons, but you are afraid to make decisions and take action. You must learn to listen to your intuition and trust yourself, and then dare to take at least some steps.

3. Reading girl

Your greatest strength is your unrivaled intelligence. You are smart by nature, and you like to receive as much new knowledge and new information as possible. No, you are not the classic boring nerd. Once you decide that something is important to you, you are bound to become an expert in the field. But you also have your weaknesses.

You are forgetful, indifferent, and even careless when it comes to things that don’t interest you – and that can be anything from your relationship to your job. If you want to maintain harmony in life, try to give each area a little attention.

4. Armchair

Your greatest strength is your unique outlook on life and your unique worldview. Sometimes you’re genius in solving problems on the fly, and sometimes you’re having fun and joking around to relieve stress when others are overly nervous. You know how to convince people and make them change their point of view.

Your biggest weakness is your inability to concentrate on anything for long. You have innovative ideas, and you are able to reach heights, but you lose interest too quickly or are unreasonably disappointed.

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