Psychological test – what emotion do you see?

Psychologists consider art therapy to be a very effective method of personality analysis. From what a person sees in the image, you can tell about his character traits, current emotional state, fears and needs.

Today’s psychological test will determine your main hidden need. Perhaps it is deeply hidden in your subconscious. Are you ready to find out? Then tell me what emotion the woman in the picture is experiencing and see the result.

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TEST - what emotion do you see?  Find out your hidden need


Your main hidden (and, possibly, explicit) need is physical or psychological safety. People who see a frightened woman in this image are themselves very afraid of something, consciously or subconsciously. You may be having disturbing dreams. Your psycho-emotional state needs stabilization.

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You strive to find solid ground under your feet. Something or someone is stirring up your mind. Can’t calm down. You are very worried. Perhaps your worries are associated with life changes, for example, moving or the death of someone close to you. Something very important is about to slip out of your life, you clearly feel it.


Your main need is to maintain stability at any cost. You are afraid of change, worried about the fact that the usual way of life will collapse. You can be called a happy person. You are not experiencing panic or anxiety right now, and that’s fine. Surely you have little negative life experience, you are young and therefore charming.


Your main need is to maintain your comfort zone. You are afraid to become attached to someone, because in the past you have been hurt, betrayed, deceived. Subconsciously, you are trying to protect yourself from experiencing similar psychological trauma, so you repel people who are looking for your location.


The opinion of others is extremely important to you. Your vital need is to be good for everyone. You do not accept conflicts with loved ones. Give in even if you are sure that you are right. If someone is unhappy with you, you get very upset. Any criticism hurts you. Don’t forgive yourself for making mistakes. Feelings of guilt often.


At the moment, you are very offended or angry with someone. Feel the psychological need to administer justice, crave retribution. Someone from your inner circle did something that you could not expect from him. Perhaps we are talking about old experiences that still “haunt” you.


If you see a calm, serene girl, then most likely you have an urgent need for peace. Recently, someone or something has become / has become a source of stress for you. You are trying to stabilize the psycho-emotional state in order to find the desired peace. The second option is that you are already experiencing peace, your mind is in harmony with your body and spirit. Nothing worries or worries you.

I see no emotion

If you did not see any emotions in the picture, then you subconsciously block the manifestation of strong feelings in yourself. Probably, in the recent past, someone has seriously offended you, inflicted emotional trauma. You have “turned on” the defensive reaction and therefore suppressed almost all of the senses. Forbid yourself to love, to become attached. So you are trying to subconsciously protect yourself from experiencing negative emotions, but is it good for your personality? Feelings and emotions are very important! But you need to learn how to properly experience them.

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