Psychological test – what energy are you in now

We do not always broadcast our true psychological state. Sometimes we deceive the people around us or ourselves, masking our real emotions and feelings.

Today, Bologny’s editorial team invites you to take a psychological test that will determine your current energy and mental state. It will be interesting!

Instructions! Take a look at the image. Remember the object you saw FIRST. After that, get acquainted with the result.

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At the moment, you are restless in your soul. Something is very disturbing to your mind. You try to distract yourself from sad thoughts, to occupy yourself with something, but it does not work out. You may have been negatively impacted from the outside. Someone has definitely spoiled your mood!

You are a kind person, focused not only on your own, but also on other people’s interests. Appreciate and love your household and family members. We are always ready to help a loved one.


A flowing tap in psychology is a symbol of leaking energy. Probably, at the moment you are in a stressful state, experiencing severe anxiety or moral exhaustion. An alternative option is that everything is so great with you that you cannot help but share it with the world. In any case, you are experiencing very strong emotions.

At the moment, you are not able to keep the feelings inside. They pour out of you like tap water. You can cry if you’re sad, or laugh out loud if you’re happy. You are a childishly spontaneous, mischievous person.


You are a deep and spiritually developed person. They are very emotional. Change your mood often. A tree is a favorable sign in psychology. It is safe to say that at this moment in your life, everything is fine with you!

You are a self-sufficient and self-confident person who knows and understands what he needs from life. Worldly goods are valuable to you. Love to improve in everything.

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