Psychological test – what is hiding your subconscious

The term “subconscious” first appeared in the scientific literature in 1889 in the dissertation of Pierre Janet. Under it was understood and is understood as a number of mental processes that proceed without direct reflection in consciousness. With the help of psychological tests, it is possible to look into the depths of the subconscious. Do you want to do it right now? Then let’s get started!


  1. Take a few deep breaths in and out.
  2. Relax and get into a comfortable position. Discard unnecessary thoughts.
  3. Take a look at the picture and remember the FIRST word that was considered from the letters.
  4. See the result.

word test

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Test results

Psychological test for the subconscious - get a message from the Universe


At the moment you need new impressions and emotions. Your soul is open to new things and longs for dramatic changes. Perhaps you have been in a static state for a long time and are trying to find peace. It’s time to reboot yourself!

In psychology, the book symbolizes wisdom and experience. You may need to interact with senior mentors.


Oh, you have been at the mercy of public opinion for too long! Your subconscious mind tells you that it is time to free yourself from these shackles. “What will he think of me?”, “Won’t they be disappointed” – stop asking yourself these questions! Live for yourself. Don’t worry about not meeting the expectations of those around you. Remember that you came into this world to make YOURSELF happy.


Fire in psychology symbolizes passion and spirituality. If you saw this word first, you probably lost inspiration and need to find a muse. We advise you to start knowing yourself. Understand your true needs, understand what you want out of life, and take action. Also, fire can indicate the need to embark on the path of spiritual development. Think about it.


This word speaks for itself. You need a dream! Subconsciously, you strive for change. It became too boring to go with the flow. But in order to make a leap, to reboot your life, you need to understand yourself and understand what you really want. Visualize your dream, the Universe will surely hear you.


If you saw the word “Test” – it means that at the moment you are experiencing dissatisfaction. Something in your life doesn’t suit you. Try to understand what exactly you would like to change. It’s time for a change! Remember that water does not flow under a lying stone. This means you can reboot your life, as long as you don’t be afraid to take action. Perhaps it’s time to change your job or environment.


You have tons of untapped talents! But, your subconscious mind says that you have enough inspiration for everything. Start doing what makes you happy: sing in the shower, dance at lunchtime, or read books. The main thing is to have fun. Very soon you will understand what things make you happy, and then – change your life for the better.


If you make out exactly this word, we recommend that you pay attention to the environment. Your subconscious mind says that there are people around you who should be avoided. How to understand who we are talking about? When communicating with a potential ill-wisher, people experience physical discomfort (heart palpitations, heaviness in the stomach, lump in the throat, etc.). If, communicating with this or that person, you feel strange, uncomfortable, it is better to distance yourself from him.

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