Psychological Test – What You Are Missing in a Relationship

Psychological tests help people to better understand themselves, or rather their desires, experiences, fears and needs. Today we invite you to take a test called “The Bride”, the purpose of which is to determine your true needs in a relationship.

What do we have to do? Take a look at 3 brides. Intuitively choose the one that interests you the most. Then read the description.

TEST Choose a bride and find out what you are missing in a relationship
COLADY illustration by Lara Lauren
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TEST: The selected bride will show what you are missing in a relationship with a partner

# 1 – Bride with a bouquet

In a relationship with a partner, it is important for you to feel needed and significant. You want to regularly hear words of love from him, to receive support. Without a sense of security, you cannot be happy. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you are missing now.

Subconsciously or consciously, you seek to “remake” your partner. Make him give you more attention and care. But he resists and therefore you do not feel happy enough. You would like to change the format of your relationship with your loved one. Add romance, “fire” and passion to them.

# 2 – Bride in profile

You are a self-confident and decisive nature, but in a relationship with a partner you lack strong emotions. You would like passion, fiery feelings and unforgettable impressions. But, unfortunately, the loved one does not give you this. Hence – an internal resentment against him.

You often manipulate him by threatening to break up. Be careful with this pattern of behavior, as a loved one may take offense at your threats and break off the relationship himself.

# 3 – Bride with an umbrella

Every woman, being in a relationship with a man, seeks to feel care and support. But, it is precisely this foundation that you are lacking for happiness.

The umbrella in the picture symbolizes the girl’s desire to hide from the threats of the surrounding world. If you have chosen a bride with an umbrella, then you rely only on yourself in a relationship with a partner. It doesn’t give you the protection you want. Most likely, he does not care not only about you, but also about himself.

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