Psychological test – which hemisphere of the brain is dominant

As you know, the human brain has 2 hemispheres, right and left. The first is responsible for creative and imaginative thinking, and the second – for logical thinking. Depending on which hemisphere of the brain is dominant in a person, he can choose the right profession or strategy for solving problems.

Bologny’s editorial team invites you to identify your dominant hemisphere with this unique test!

Instructions! Take a piece of paper to record your answers on. Read the assignment carefully in each of the paragraphs. It will take you 5 to 7 minutes to complete this test. And remember: there are no wrong answers here.

1. Interlace your fingers

Interlace your fingers
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Fold your left and right arms together. Your task is to pay attention to which thumb of which hand is on top. If the thumb of the right hand is on top, mark the letter “P” on the sheet, and if with the left – “L”.

2. “Aim” with a pencil

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Take a pencil or pen in your hand, pull it forward. Pay attention to the tip. Close one eye to aim at something. Which eye did you close, right or left? Check the appropriate box.

3. Fold your arms over your chest.

Fold your arms across your chest
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Stand in the so-called Napoleon Pose. Fold your arms over your chest and see which hand is on top of the other. Check the box.

4. Clap

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Time for applause! Which hand was on top at the moment of claps? Record the answer.

5. Cross your legs

Cross your legs
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Sit on a chair or sofa with one leg on top of the other. Which one ended up at the top? Mark the corresponding letter on the sheet.

6. Wink

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Imagine flirting with someone. Wink one eye. How did you wink? Document your answer.

7. Go around

Whirl around
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Stand up and circle around your axis. In which direction were they circling? If clockwise – put a mark “P”, and if against – “L”.

8. Draw the strokes

Draw the strokes
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Take a piece of paper and, in turn, with each hand, draw several vertical lines on it. Then count which hand you painted the most. Check the appropriate box. If you drew the same number of strokes with each hand, do not write anything.

9. Circumference

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Take a pencil or pen and draw a circle with either hand. If the line goes clockwise – put a mark “P”, and if against – “L”.

Test results

Now count the number of “L” and “P” values. Write them down in the formula below. It’s very easy!

(Subtract the number “L” from the “P”, divide the resulting number by 9 and multiply the result by 100%). For ease of calculation, use a calculator.

TEST-Time!  Find out which hemisphere of the brain is dominant in you
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More than 30%

Your LEFT hemisphere dominates. It is in it that the speech center is located. Not surprisingly, you love to talk, especially about things that you are good at. You take everything literally, with difficulty realizing the subtext. Have a penchant for science, mathematics, physics, etc. Get along with numbers and formulas. Logic is your main strong point.

Art often leaves you indifferent. You think that there is no time to indulge in dreams when there is so much unsolved and alluring in the real world! You are very meticulous in details, love to delve into the essence of things. You have an excellent understanding of graphs, formulas and complex systems.

10 to 30%

You are balancing between left-brain and right-brain thinking, but the former prevails. This means that yesterday you admired Beethoven’s symphony, and today you can easily solve the integral equation. You are a versatile person. You can grasp the essence of things both superficially and deeply.

Your communication skills are well developed. You easily convince different people that you are right. It is important for you to be understood and appreciated.

From – 10 to 10%

Incomplete dominance of the right hemisphere. Your thinking is more abstract. You are a refined nature, dreamy, but you never forget about the need to rely on common sense. Always remember that the end result depends on your own efforts.

You are a very purposeful and consistent person in your actions and decisions. Many consider you to be the life of the party. You also have a phenomenal photographic memory, that is, you can memorize people’s faces and recognize them in a crowd.

Less – 10%

Your right-brain thinking dominates. You are a refined person, very vulnerable and dreamy. Speak little, but pay great attention to detail. Speak often with subtext, hoping that the listener will understand you.

Love to fantasize. If reality upsets you, you prefer to mentally go into the world of dreams. You are very emotional. Are subject to sudden mood swings. How you feel is largely determined by the emotions you experience.

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