Psychology of laughter – a person’s character by his smile, laughter

Psychologists are sure there are 2 types of people. The first, having heard a funny story, smile and laugh, and the second laugh, holding their stomachs with their hands. We all react differently to pleasant or funny things, but we are all united by a sense of humor.

Today I will tell you what your laugh says about you. It will be very interesting!


The most common type of expression of joyful emotion is cackle. What does this laugh mean? A stormy joy that is situational.

what does your laugh say about you

Extroverts tend to cackle, people who cannot imagine their life without regular communication. They love to spend time in large companies and have fun with everyone. They like to stand out, to impress others.

Friends consider them straightforward and simple, which does not require a special approach. Giggling extroverts are good and loyal companions. One such person is enough to create a fun and enchanting atmosphere at any event.

How does a man laugh when he cackles? Very loud and contagious. It’s hard not to tap into such laughter.


This form of laughter is the suppression of loud cackle. Think only teenage girls giggle? This is not true. Many people do this, even men.

If the person regularly suppresses a chuckle, they are likely secretive by nature. Experiencing a large number of different emotions, but is in no hurry to share them with the world.

And constantly giggling individuals are prone to neurosis. They react hard to criticism, but are extremely demanding of others.



Snoring, like giggling, is a desire to suppress ringing laughter. It occurs as a result of a large amount of air holding in the nose, which should have turned into laughter.

Snoring people are usually introverts. Tightness, secrecy and shyness are characteristics characteristic of them. An introverted person can hardly be called the soul of the company, but he has a huge number of advantages!

These include:

  • responsiveness;
  • kindness;
  • courage;
  • patience, etc.

A snoring person is afraid that his laughter may disturb those around him. He demonstrates his true feelings and emotions only in a narrow circle of friends. In public, he often covers his mouth with his hand when he wants to laugh, and tries not to make loud noises.

Ringing laughter

ringing laughter

The psychology of laughter is an interesting science. Competent specialists believe that a person who laughs loudly has a huge supply of vital energy. He:

  • active;
  • purposeful;
  • open;
  • efficient;
  • prone to self-development.

Gull is a very bright personality, whose opinion is always listened to by those around him. He is patient with other people’s shortcomings, but if someone tries to avoid responsibility or sit on his head, he will become harsh and directly state all his claims.

Such a person can hardly be called a weakling. His spirit and will are strong. He loves order, and everywhere: on the desktop, in the office, in the kitchen, in the bag and even in his own thoughts. His whole life is clearly planned, and every step is well thought out. I am always ready for surprises of fate. Knows how to help herself and others.

Gull is a great friend. He is appreciated for his responsiveness and listening skills. He is not indifferent to other people’s problems.

Such a personality attracts not only people, but also financial success. Among its best advantages is focus on results. Gull always knows what and when to do to achieve the desired.

Important! Practice shows that such people have a great sense of humor. They tell the best jokes, so if you’re in the company of a giggle, get ready to rip your stomach up with laughter.

Laughter to tears

laughter to tears

Do you know people who have tears from their eyes when they laugh? If so, stay close to them! These are the most loyal and kind personalities. They will never refuse the victim in trouble, they will always support and calm down. You can definitely rely on them.

People crying while laughing are very bright, sometimes even extravagant. They do not seek to make a pleasant impression on others, their image copes with this on their own.

Such people never betray. They value friendship, love and family ties. They won’t make a hundred new friends while they have one old one. However, they are not averse to spending time in good fun company. They love to infect others with their positive.

Those who laugh to tears rarely lie. They are open and straightforward by nature, but extremely attentive to the feelings of others. They are afraid of offending others.

Choking laughter

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether a person is laughing or is having an attack of bronchial asthma. This is a very accurate description of this kind of laughter. It is usually seen in people who are used to being noisy but have to hold back for some reason.

In fact, they have a great sense of humor, however, in order to seem more serious, they try to restrain themselves while laughing. Strong positive emotions that people suppress turn into shortness of breath.

Choking laughter are very demanding of themselves. They try to appear more significant than they really are. They often have well-developed professional skills.

bursting laughter

Quiet laugh

When something very funny happens, even the most humble person can’t help laughing. Only he will do it in a special way – he will laugh with his eyes.

Others will notice the joy of such a person, paying attention to his facial expressions. The corners of his lips will rise slightly, and his eyes will narrow. But he will not laugh out loud. Such a person is calm and balanced. He is not used to swimming in the rays of general attention, he prefers to stay on the sidelines.

Being in the shadows is his principle. He will not stand out from the crowd, because he can only feel comfortable in the distance. He is an introvert by temperament. Doesn’t give out strong feelings and experiences even to the closest people.

Joyless laughter

A synonym for joyless laughter is fake.

Important! Do you want to understand if a person is sincerely happy? Then pay attention to the area of ​​his eyes. If the opening of the moat at the moment of laughter is not accompanied by the appearance of facial wrinkles on the temples, you should know that the person laughs fake.

Such a person knows how to show off. He is cunning and neat. He knows how to deftly manipulate people, and in such a way that they will not even understand that they have been influenced in some way.

fake laugh

But fake laughter does not always indicate deception. Perhaps a person laughing joylessly simply does not want to offend you, therefore, he portrays a positive on his face.

However, if he laughs mirthlessly on a regular basis, this should be alarming. From such people you need to keep at a socially acceptable distance. Who knows what else can be insincere about them?

Write in the comments what is your favorite and least favorite laugh!

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