Psychosomatics of endometriosis: 3 internal conflicts

Endometriosis is a common female disease that, until recently, was not so easy to cure. In this disease, the cells of the tissue lining the uterus from the inside spread into the abdominal cavity. They also swell and bleed during menstruation, which is uncomfortable for women.

Treating endometriosis has always been considered a daunting and time-consuming task. But thanks to the research of scientists, some details of the disease have been discovered and now it has become easier to deal with it.

The main signs of endometriosis

The very first symptom that makes doctors suspicious is a very painful and heavy period. Further, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back can become systematic.

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Endometriosis is also accompanied by:

  • bleeding or smearing between periods;
  • frequent bloating;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • general malaise, nausea.

Sometimes the initial stage goes unnoticed, or the woman cannot get pregnant, but there seems to be no obvious reason. Endometriosis may also be to blame for this. Later, the symptoms will still appear.

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What have scientists found out about the disease today?

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Finally, the main reasons for the development of the disease became clear. Previously, scientists could not fully figure out and give a clear answer to the question of why this female disease occurs. New scientific facts have now been discovered.

What provokes the proliferation of endometrial tissues:

  1. Various disorders in the immune system.
  2. Hormonal imbalance. In particular, an increase in prostaglandins, cytokines, tarragon.
  3. Methyl changes in DNA. Studies have shown that a group of women with endometriosis have these changes, while healthy women do not.
  4. Toxic effects on the body from the environment also provoke illness. In particular, dioxin negatively affects the reproductive system.

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And it has also been suggested that some other diseases can trigger the development of endometriosis. Which ones are still being clarified.

Scientists have also compiled statistics, which indicate that more than 11% of women suffer from this ailment. The age category is 15-55 years old. If we talk about the data of the latest research on the issue of DNA methylation associated with endometriosis, then scientists suggest that soon with the help of these markers, it may be possible to accurately and quickly diagnose the disease. Moreover, it will be possible to do this without surgical intervention, and even stop it in time.

Psychosomatics of endometriosis

If we consider the disease through the prism of GNM (German New Medicine) – all internal conflicts of a person, and therefore the diseases that then come, are formed from the biological meanings of certain human organs.

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The endometrium is the inner mucous membrane of the body of the uterus, lining its cavity and abundantly supplied with blood vessels. The biological meaning is that this shell is needed for conception and a successful pregnancy. The ability to become pregnant and bear a child depends on the quality of the endometrium, its thickness.

Endometriosis is a disease in which endometrial cells grow outside this layer. They can grow in the muscle tissue of the uterus, in the abdominal cavity, on the cervix, etc.

This disease interferes with conceiving and carrying a pregnancy.

That is, in fact, when there is a conflict, the body creates an additional place – “home” for carrying a child. When a conflict occurs in the psyche, the brain sends a signal, and the body organizes it.

Of course, work always comes from a person, we are all unique in essence and physiologically, with a different pattern on the palm of your hand…. But the meaning of the conflict is approximately the same.

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Consider 3 main conflicts:

  1. Conflict “I can’t” provide a good home for my child.
  2. Resentment towards parents due to a difficult childhood (my house is not suitable for my child).
  3. Childbirth programs – you cannot give birth – it is dangerous (trauma in the family associated with the loss of children. This pain is stored in the memory of cells. The body protects against possible repetitions).

A child does not always mean a child. This can be the moment when the business is held, for example, when I cannot ensure the functioning and profit. Everything that we treat as our child.

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