Psychosomatics of excess weight and overeating – the answer of a specialist

Scientists have found that the cause of overeating lies in our psyche and in the work of the brain.

To begin with, I propose to consider 4 psychological reasons why girls and women overeat.

1. Special ligaments in the psyche

The girl was scolded by her mother, and the grandmother, in order to calm and please, gives her sweets with the phrase “Granddaughter, eat the candy and everything will be fine, the mood will rise.” The girl is happy, she eats a candy, a chocolate bar, a pie, and that’s it – the bundle is fixed. Eat candy = everything will be fine.

And now, in order for her to feel good and to cheer up, we start eating.

binge eating

2. Getting pleasure from food is the easiest way

Sugar produces serotonin, the hormone of happiness, chocolate contains magnesium, which has a calming effect. We eat the treat and enjoy it quickly and efficiently.

3. What are we trying to eat?

Answer yourself to the question, what or who am I missing? What prevents me from rejoicing without chocolate or a bun?

4. Anxiety, worry

Here you need to find out the cause of anxiety and anxiety, with whom or what are they connected with? And to carry out work in consultation with a specialist.

From the point of view of psychosomatics, the following 10 internal conflicts can serve as the cause of excess weight:

The conflict of abandonment

The child’s mother leaves, leaving him with his grandmother. The baby is starting the program “Weight gain so that mom comes back to me.”

overeating 2

Defense conflict

Someone attacks the child, the defense mechanism turns on, to become strong you need to become big.

Status conflict

This applies to businessmen, high-status people. To be solid, status, I put on weight.

Conflict of body rejection

To make it easier to see your flaws, the body grows.

Fear of the financial crisis

To survive the crisis, a weight gain program is included.

Ancestral Hunger Conflict

If someone in the family suffered from hunger, starved, the descendants turn on this program.

food on the table

Conflict of oppression by the husband

If the husband psychologically puts pressure on his wife, and there is a lack of love in the family, the wife seizes the lack of feelings with delicious food.


In our family, everyone was fat. Well, I’m also part of this kind.


For example, your partner spoke negatively about your appearance, your body, and sexuality. Includes weight gain protection to avoid close and sexual contact.


When there is an internal conflict, as a result of which a decision is made: “I am bad”, “I am not worthy of a good life, the attention of men …”, so I punish myself with overeating, so as not to attract the attention of men.

fast food

Go through these points and find for yourself what internal program are you running? If you find the right reason for overeating, then work it out on the inner level, and you yourself will not notice how excess weight begins to melt itself before our eyes.

If you cannot work out the cause on your own, seek help from a good specialist. Since if there is an internal conflict and some kind of internal setting is working, you cannot return health and beauty to your body with simple diets.

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