Quentin Tarantino and Daniela Peak: an unexpected twist

For decades, Quentin Tarantino’s only love was the film industry, and his “kids” were many of his greatest hits. However, now he is an exemplary husband and father. The renowned filmmaker met his Israeli betrothed back in 2009. They met in Tel Aviv, where Tarantino brought Inglourious Basterds to the show. And nine years later, in 2018, they got married quietly, modestly and unnoticed by the public. In February 2020, 57-year-old Tarantino and Daniela Peak had their first baby, the son of Leo. No, not in honor of DiCaprio, as you might think, but in honor of Ari Shem-Or’s great-grandfather, since Ari means “lion” in Hebrew.


What is known about the chosen one of the “great and terrible” director, because 36-year-old Daniela is little known outside of her native Israel? So, who is this woman who took possession of the heart of the famous bachelor?


Daniela Peak comes from a family of pop stars. Since childhood, life in the spotlight has been commonplace for her, as her father, singer and songwriter Zvika Peak, was wildly popular in the Israeli scene in the 1970s. Daniela and her sister Sharona also performed as a duo in the early 2000s, but then Daniela preferred a solo career and simultaneously worked as a model, having managed to make herself a pretty decent fortune of $ 100 million.


Today Quentin Tarantino and his wife lead a rather closed life.

“We are very family oriented. We prefer to spend time at home and watch films, – admitted Daniela. – Besides, I like to cook and invite friends to us. Quentin is in awe of my culinary skills. We laugh and talk all the time. He is a true gentleman, romantic and funny, but also a genius and an incredible husband. “


Nevertheless, Tarantino’s film career will no longer be as turbulent as before. He and Daniela have moved into their Tel Aviv home, and the director plans to retire from work and focus on his family. After receiving the award for Best Screenplay for a Film About Himself “Once Upon a Time … Tarantino” at the 2020 Golden Globe, Tarantino told the press that he was going to leave directing:

“I am quite capable of writing film books and theater plays, so I don’t write myself off. But, in my opinion, I have already given the cinema everything that I could give him. “


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