Radioactive people: find and neutralize

He does not seem to shout, does not quarrel, does not arrange loud and emotional showdowns, but his mere presence forces you to move to the farthest corner, turn away, cover your ears, pull on the hood, and even better hide behind the nearest door. An incomprehensible energy emanates from him, clearly negative, spoiling not only your mood, but also the entire atmosphere around him, so that even the flowers in the pots seem to wither. At least once in your life, you must have come across such a person, and if not, then you are one in a million lucky.

Such people I call radioactive. They, like nuclear weapons, spread destructive energy around them that affects our cells. And just like radiation, they can harm others for years, leading to similar consequences.

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Many may disagree with me, but I believe that people really have an energy or aura. Every living being emits a stream of energy, positive or negative. You can meet people with both strong, well-perceptible energy, and with a weak one – this directly depends on the temperament. A radioactive person is a person with a strong negative energy, well felt and dangerous for physical and mental health.

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How does it work?

The energy of those around us affects our nervous system to one degree or another every day. This influence depends not only on the source of energy, but also on ourselves: some of us have a certain resistance to negativity, while others, on the contrary, are very keenly aware of the flows of negative energy. The absorbed negativity affects our nervous system, provoking a state of constant stress. And stress, in turn, leads to various diseases, from cardiovascular diseases to cancer.

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How to recognize such people and is it possible to survive next to a radioactive person?

5 signs of a radioactive person

Constant scandals. A radioactive person is, in fact, the same energy vampire, but with a more powerful temperament and much stronger energy. Such a person “feeds” on quarrels, scandals, any negativity that he sows around him. In this case, a conflict can arise, what is called, from scratch, but reach incredible proportions.

Unstable psyche. This point follows from the previous one. A radioactive person cannot have a positive charge, and even if at the moment he is in a good mood, after five minutes he may become enraged.

Life in black. A radioactive person does not know how to adequately respond to problems and difficulties, the slightest inconsistency serves as a trigger for him, a trigger. It is extremely difficult, almost impossible to conduct a joint business or household with such a person, since he is not initially set up to overcome difficulties.

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Fussiness. Both in a bad mood and in “peacetime”, a radioactive person is distinguished by fussiness, impatience, and nervousness. In his movements, one can easily trace some “twitching”, sharpness, lack of smoothness and confidence. His entire body is always in a state of extreme tension and excitement, which is why he does not know how to rest and relax. These people tend to have sleep problems.

Feeling anxious. Even if such a person does not shout, does not swear, but is simply in a bad mood and at this moment is next to you, you will feel incomprehensible discomfort, a feeling of anxiety and obvious negativity emanating from him. This is the very same negative energy, the flow of negatively charged particles. And it is this factor that is the most dangerous in dealing with a radioactive person.

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What to do?

The first and foremost advice is to run as far as possible. Do not be under the illusion that such a person will still change or that this is temporary. No. An adult with similar attitudes and temperament is not only unable to change, but with age will become more and more unbearable. An energy vampire, in principle, cannot be a good friend, a reliable partner, etc. The only option is to exclude such a person from your social circle.

However, there are situations in life when we cannot completely get rid of contacts with a specific person. What if you find signs of a radioactive person in one of your relatives, beloved, or colleague?

Firstlyif possible (for example, if this is your colleague), keep communication with this individual to a minimum.

Secondly, during the next outbreak of aggression, try not to be near this person, but close in another room, go for a walk, go out into the corridor, onto the balcony. Isolate yourself from him in any way. In order not to feel the harmful effects of its energy, even if it looks impolite from the outside.


Do not react to his provocations. Remember that a vampire feeds on your energy and his main goal is to ignite conflict. Therefore, if you see that a quarrel is brewing, just try to leave or ignore any attacks from the interlocutor. The main thing is not to feed the negativity.

Use talismans… Even if you are an inveterate skeptic, talismans in the form of a cross, amulet, stone, ring of fire will be able to protect you from negative energy, as soon as you imagine that it is this little thing that repels everything bad. No magic, banal self-hypnosis: you have reliable protection and now your heart is already beating evenly, and anxiety disappears.

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Unfortunately, radioactive people are common. It is not always easy for a mentally healthy person to contact them. How do you know that you have met just such a person? The main sign is that you feel uncomfortable. Your body and mind are sending you signals.
(increased pressure, sweating, dizziness, difficulty speaking, confused thoughts, etc.). You subconsciously understand that you need to protect yourself.
What if you are dealing with a radioactive person? If possible, distance yourself. Try to negate communication with him, do not let him drag you into a conflict, do not get fooled by provocations. If you are forced to contact him, try to minimize communication, demonstrating in every possible way that his negativity will not affect you.

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