Rating of the best books on psychology on the topic of wealth and poverty

Psychology books for the richPsychologists believe that many of us are hindered from becoming rich by the peculiarities of thinking that can be changed.

What books will help you get a new perspective on finance? Let’s try to figure this out!

1. Carl Richards, “Let’s Talk About Your Income and Expenses”

Carl Richards, Carl Richards became famous as a popularizer of financial planning. Literally on fingers, the author explains how to plan your budget, how to shop more consciously and not succumb to the tricks that cunning marketers come up with. Thanks to the book, you can put things in order not only in your head, but also in your wallet. After reading it, you will learn to save money without denying yourself anything.

2. John Diamond, Hungry and Poor

John Diamond, Hungry and PoorJohn Dimon began his journey in a poor family. Thanks to the fact that his mother taught him to sew well, he was able to found his own fashion empire. Now the author shares his secrets with everyone. Diamond believes that harsh conditions force a person to think outside the box: even if you lose everything, you can achieve success and prosperity. The author offers several ideas for a startup and suggests not to despair if you don’t have a job and don’t have a penny on your account. After all, since he managed to achieve everything on his own, then you will be able to repeat his success.

3. Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan, “What I Learned From Losing A Million Dollars”

Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan, At the heart of this book is a huge failure. Jim Paul lost his entire fortune in a couple of months and ran into huge debt. However, this made him look at his own psychology with new eyes: the author believes that it was the peculiarities of thinking that caused the failure. After reading the book, you can make sure that you cannot believe in your own invulnerability, but failure is just the lessons that life teaches us. The book should be read by people who are experiencing serious financial problems: it will force you to go further and give a number of ideas that are applicable in practice in the context of Russian realities.

4. Terry Bernher, Dastard Markets and the Raptor Brain

Terry Bernher, Dastard Markets and the Raptor BrainThe author believes that it is wrong to approach the modern market from a rational point of view. The behavior of major players in the financial market is usually unpredictable, and in order to succeed, you need to learn to think in new ways.
Bernher reveals the biological reasons for financial behavior, and also describes the motives that lead to certain decisions. In his opinion, financial management is the task of the ancient brain, inherited from reptiles. And by studying the laws of his thinking, you can succeed!

5. Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wilwright, Why the Rich Get Richer

Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wilwright, Why the Rich Get RicherThis book will teach you how to properly handle your personal finances. According to the authors, it is not the one who possesses outstanding personal qualities that thrives, but the one who is not afraid to take responsibility and take risks.
In the book you will find many ideas that will help you invest money correctly, save on purchases and manage your savings. If it seems to you that money is literally slipping out of your hands, then you should definitely purchase this work: thanks to it, you will be able to reconsider your relationship with money.

Buying one of these books is a great investment. After reading, you will learn how to save money and will be able to profitably invest your savings. Try to be mindful of your finances and you will soon notice that your standard of living has improved significantly!

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