Ravshana Kurkova voiced a message written to herself

If you could send a message to yourself, what would you write? Russian actress Ravshana Kurkova already knows the answer to this rather interesting and controversial question. The star shared a note with subscribers, which she addressed to herself several years ago as a life guide. The message contained a lot of very valuable and wise advice that will be useful to each of us.

Ravshana Kurkova
Photo @rav_shana

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Advice to myself

Domestic theater and film actress Ravshana Kurkova, known to many for her roles in the TV series Barvikha and And In Our Yard, actively maintains her Instagram page, delighting subscribers not only with amazing pictures, but also with her advice, observations and thoughts. In her last post, the star published a message to herself, in which she briefly and concisely outlined the basic principles of life. which she tries to stick to.

First of all, the actress recommended to love yourself, not to get hung up on negative thoughts about yourself, and not to tolerate the consumer and indifferent attitude of others towards yourself. At the same time, the star advises to be able to forgive and let go of all insults so that they do not destroy a person from the inside. And at the very end of the post, the actress mentioned Fate and urged to trust her.

Photo @rav_shana

The subscribers (and the actress has more than two and a half million of them) agreed with the thoughts of the star and thanked her for the inspiring post.

  • “Strings that are always up to date”, – mark.statsenko.
  • “God, how can I get it right into my soul now. Thank you“, – maria.klimova_off.
  • “Right now, at the right moment. It was very important to hear that. Thank you”, – _viktory___.

“Each of us is the whole Universe”

She adheres to a very interesting and unusual philosophy: the actress is sure that everything in our life is predetermined, and our life path does not consist of many accidents and coincidences, but is the best scenario for the development of events for us. According to the star, Destiny is not just a set of letters, but a very real phenomenon, and the Universe is watching us and taking care of us. For this reason, one should not resist what is happening in life, and sometimes it is better to trust higher powers, because, one way or another, everything is for the better.

“In fact, no matter what happens, victory or failure, everything passes. The only thing that matters is how to take it ”- Ravshana Kurkova.

In his posts on social networks, Ravshana calls not only for a positive attitude towards life, but also for inner harmony: the star is sure that every person is a whole Universe that needs to be known in order to achieve absolute balance and peace.

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Photo @rav_shana

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