Reasons Why You Need To Shift To Period Undies Now

Are you a feminist and an environmentalist? If yes, you know the threat disposable pads and tampons pose to the environment. But periods do not stop for the environment.

As Australia moves towards sustainability, you must stop and wonder if there are any sustainable period hygiene products.

The answer is yes.

Period undies AUS are a relatively new concept to many women, but they are quickly gaining popularity. These panties feel exactly like regular panties but stay with you through every period for almost two years.

Made with extra fabric to absorb your flow, these panties are suitable for any kind of flow. They are also washable and reusable.

Read on to discover more about these environment-friendly undies!

Why try reusable undies?

According to the Fashion Advocate, an average Australian woman uses 12000 pads in her lifetime. That is 12000 disposable pads going in the garbage dump and clogging rivers and oceans for just one woman.

With climate change and pollution becoming primary concerns worldwide, something must be done about this issue. Any responsible citizen would want to look for a way not to produce so much waste.

However, period hygiene and sanitary products must also be prioritized. Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to:

  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Reproductive and urinary tract infections
  • Infertility and other childbirth-related complications

Hence, there has to be a solution that prioritizes menstrual hygiene while being environment-friendly.

This is where period panties come in. They are reusable and last up to two years. Thus, they are an excellent choice when looking for sustainable period products.

Other advantages of using these undies

Besides saving the earth, reusable panties have a lot of other advantages as well:

1. They are highly absorbent

Unlike disposable pads that you have to change every 4-6 hours, period panties are highly absorbent and can last you the whole day. They contain a lot of extra fabric around the crotch area. Hence, they can soak almost 5 times more leakage than regular pads.

2. Easy to use and wash

Washing and reusing period panties is very simple. After every use, follow these steps:

  • Hold the panties under running water
  • Use regular detergent to clean and remove stains
  • Air-dry the undies
  • Reuse them

Do not use fabric softeners and avoid drying them in direct sunlight. Those may lead to a reduced lifespan for the undies.

3. They are a one-time investment

At first, it may seem like period panties are too costly. However, if you think about it, they are a one-time investment.

If you spend a relatively larger amount to buy a few of these undies now, you save money on 24 months worth of pads. Unlike pads and tampons:

  • You do not have to dispose of them due to stains or leakage
  • One of these undies can last you a whole day as they have a very high absorption
  • You can buy different sizes and styles depending on your flow
  • They last long and are durable

Everyone has an option, from absorbent thongs to high waist panties.

In conclusion

You may be used to disposable pads or tampons. So, initially, using period undies AUS may be odd. However, they are a game changer. You will never want to go back to disposable pads again.

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