Record 113 runners faster than 15 minutes for 5 km at one start and all Europeans! Video!

You can look at this finish forever – from the first to the last finisher.

Armach 5 km – the fastest start with amazing depth results:

12 runners faster than 14 minutes

113 (!) runners faster than 15 minutes

196 out of 16 minutes

The last 203rd result is 16:29.

And this is not Kenya, this is Northern Ireland.

And these are not Africans brought to Europe to work – all Europeans!

The Finn won, there is another Finn, a couple of Poles, the rest are all British!

Armagh 19 m

And only one pro, the rest of the club runners – those who give their free time to their passion – running!

Steph Twell Armagh 2019

Women are great too.

win out of 9 minutes

49 ladies out of 10 minutes

107 ladies out of 11 minutes

122 out of 12,

the last 128th result is 14:59.

Armagh 19 w

Members of the British national team were already running here, and they were fighting for the victory.

Very inspiring!

Everyone run!

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PS The track runs in circles – there are no “hills” here, the start is held not for the first time and the track is certified.

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