review of the 10 best movie news of autumn 2020

Cold, cloudy autumn days – it’s time to make yourself cocoa with apple pie, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and enjoy a good movie. What has already been released this fall and what films can we see in theaters in the near future? Your attention to the review of the best new films of autumn 2020!



Fantastic action movie with a truly stellar cast: Robert Pattinson, John Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clemence Poesy. British intelligence and the CIA are turning to the latest technology to turn back the clock to catch a high-profile criminal. The picture is somewhat reminiscent of “Beginning” and “Time Loop”. All fans of fantastic films about time paradoxes must watch!

“New mutants”

New blockbuster about mutants with superpowers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Five teenagers with unusual abilities live in a secret facility, but over time they realize that this place is not at all what it seems, and they are guinea pigs here. Among the cast, I would especially like to mention Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams – two young talents showing great promise. The film was released on September 3, and now it can already be found in the public domain.


The epic adaptation of the 1998 cartoon of the same name caused mixed reviews from critics and viewers. However, there are at least two reasons not to ignore the novelty: firstly, the story of a brave warrior girl who goes to fight for the country is suitable for the whole family and will definitely appeal to children, and secondly, in the film we will again hear soundtracks performed by Christina Aguilera …

“Capone. Face with a scar”

The story of America’s most famous gangster – Al Capone by Josh Trunk. Capone is released from prison, however, he and all members of his family are closely watched by the special services, who want to find out where the money stolen before the arrest is hidden. The film is worth watching, if only for the amazing Tom Hardy, who is simply made for such roles.

“Honest Thief”

A professional thief decides to leave his criminal craft and retire, but unexpectedly “werewolves in uniform” who have their own interests stand in his way. Despite the alarming name, an oxymoron, such a film cannot be missed because we know for sure that Liam Neeson does not act in a bad movie!

“Who didn’t hide”

An unusual thriller with a famously twisted plot: two couples are shooting a chic country cottage, but after a stormy party, a strange incident occurs. And then it turns out that someone was following the couples and now all their secrets are in danger of emerging. The film was released on October 8, and today it is already available in the public domain.


A familiar and slightly clichéd plot: two people accidentally change bodies, but this time they are a serial killer and a pretty high school student. They have only 24 hours to fix everything, otherwise everyone will be forever “stuck” in someone else’s appearance. Starring Catherine Newton and Vince Vaughn, the film will be released on November 12.

“Knocking out debts”

A new picture of a criminal showdown in Los Angeles: two debt knockers cross the road to a local drug dealer, which threatens the whole city with big problems. The film will definitely intrigue all movie lovers: firstly, it was directed and written by David Eyre, the very creator of Suicide Squad and Rage. And secondly, “Kicking Debts” is a triumphant return to the big screen of Shia LaBeouf, the most controversial and talented actor of our time.

“Locked up”

A hard and eerie thriller starring Sarah Paulson, it shows what a mother’s love is like. An overly caring mother takes care of and protects her daughter from the outside world in every possible way: a girl confined to a wheelchair does not go to school, has no friends and is completely controlled by her mother. But sooner or later, the daughter will want to find freedom.

“Kola superdeep”

A domestic horror film based on very real events: after drilling the deepest well in the world, frightening sounds of unknown origin are recorded in its depths. A small group of people are sent underground to investigate this phenomenon. They have to face real evil and do everything so that it does not burst out. The film has already hit the big screen on November 4 and is now in theaters.

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