Rita Dakota on the benefits of meditation for the modern person

Are you familiar with a spiritual practice like meditation? In the modern world, more and more people, both famous and ordinary mortals, turn to meditation to improve their physical and mental health, heal old wounds and rid the inner world of negativity and tension.

Singer Rita Dakota is one of those who advocate meditation, and she herself has been practicing this method of healing for a long time. The star told how the attitude of society towards meditation has changed and why everyone should pay attention to it today.

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Out of the shadow

Singer Rita Dakota delighted her fans with the news that many have been waiting for: the joint project of the artist and her beloved Fyodor Belogai “Meditorium” was presented at Skolkovo as an innovation in the field of health. The star announced this on her Instagram blog, admitting that she still cannot believe it.

“But for me this is all much more than our victory and the success of our good project. This is a victory for the entire niche! Meditation has ceased to be “sectarian bullshit” or “prayer for bald Hindus.” Meditation shook off a lot of prejudice and incompetence. Meditation suddenly became … the norm. “, – wrote Rita in her account.

Rita Dakota told why every modern person should pay attention to meditation
Photo @ritadakota

The star also noted that meditation became a popular phenomenon in the West much earlier than in Russia: many companies now even have special rooms where workers can relieve stress in the middle of the working day. But now, thanks to projects such as Meditorium, spiritual practices are becoming more common in our country.

According to Rita, the main goal of Meditorium is to improve the mental health of Russian youth, who will undoubtedly be interested in practitioners because of their availability and the coach’s age.

“It’s cool to be spiritual”

The singer herself has been practicing meditation for 12 years, but for a long time she was shy about her hobby and was attacked and ridiculed by haters on the networks, because many did not take meditation seriously and considered it quackery. But not so long ago, Rita gave up the opinion of the audience and began to speak openly about her passions.

“It’s great to be spiritual. And you are like that too. You are not broken, nothing in you needs to be corrected. Everything in you is already there, everything is all right with you. Just look inside and they will hold you by the hand. ” – writes the star in his account and publishes his photos in the lotus position.

By the way, Rita’s hobby is shared by her little daughter Mia: on Instagram stars you can see joint photos of mom and daughter doing meditation.

Rita Dakota told why every modern person should pay attention to meditation
Photo @ritadakota

The secret of the stars’ youth and longevity

Rita Dakota’s words about the prevalence and benefits of meditation are confirmed by many Hollywood stars, among whom spiritual practices are very popular. And for some of them, meditation has also become the secret of eternal youth. For example, actress Heather Graham, who at 50 looks 35 and has a stunning figure, admits that she cannot live without transcendental meditation, which helps her get rid of anxiety and find harmony within.

Jennifer Lopez, who has amazed fans with her youth for many years, also practices meditation. Christy Brinkley cannot do without meditation: the model is sure that negativity ages and lays its imprint on our appearance, and therefore it is very important to get rid of it in time with the help of spiritual practices. The star meditates for 15 minutes twice a day and looks great.

Practice meditation and Halle Berry (just look at her figure!), forever young and charming Jared Leto, Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Emilia Clarke.

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