Robert Mitchum Net Worth

Robert Mitchum has an impressive net worth, mainly derived from his successful acting career. His net worth is expected to grow to $10 million by 2021. Although Mitchum is primarily an actor, his other interests and income sources have helped him achieve his net worth. Here’s a look at his personal details, including his net worth, zodiac sign, and biography. Listed below are some of his top achievements and where he got his net worth.

Mitchum made a lot of money while working on his first movie, “Undercurrent”. He played the role of a gas station owner and former police investigator in that film. Mitchum was arrested in the next days for marijuana possession, but was later released. Afterwards, he gained fame in film noir roles. His height, 6 feet 1 inches, made him one of the most popular actors of his generation.

In the 1950s, Mitchum played more roles as a violent criminal and posed as a preacher in “The Night of the Hunter.” This role made Mitchum one of the most memorable faces of his generation. Mitchum’s next major role was as menacing rapist Max Cady in 1962’s “Cape Fear.” His reputation as a predator was further cemented by this role. Other films from that period included “The Longest Day” and “Anzio.”

Mitchum worked in many different capacities throughout his career. He started acting at a young age and was also employed as a flight engineer at Lockheed Aircraft. He was temporarily blinded from the stress of his job. He started appearing in smaller roles, but he was eventually cast as the lead role in “Story of G.I.” Joe” in 1945. His net worth has grown significantly during this time.

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In 1978, Mitchum considered retirement from acting, but he did not. He spent one year visiting his old friends and staying at motels. He returned to the screen for the role in “Ryan’s Daughter,” which earned him an estimated $10 million. Mitchum’s song “The Ballad of Thunder Street”, which he recorded in the same year, reached number one on Billboard Country Singles charts.

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