Ruffles, flounces and ruffles – how to tame the trend of 2018

From time to time, elements of the Victorian style come back into fashion: a variety of ruffles, frills and flounces. Not all girls love this trend. More often than not, they just don’t know how to cope with it in order to look stylish and modern at the same time.

Garments with ruffles, flounces and ruffles

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Fundamental rules

Remember that flounces visually change the proportions of the figure.

If this detail is located at the bottom of a skirt or dress, it can visually shorten your legs. It is better to choose a hem with a flounce for tall girls. If your height is not enough, but you really want to wear a long dress, try combining it with comfortable heels.

Long skirt with flounce Long skirt with flounce from Zara, model cost – 2999 rubles

A skirt with a flounce looks great on a tall girl. The colors are interestingly combined with each other, accessories are superfluous here.

Short skirts with ruffles accentuate the upper legs. Girls who are unhappy with the size of their hips may feel uncomfortable in such clothes. Wear a skirt with an oversized sweater to distract attention from this.

Bright dress from H&M This bright dress from H&M for 1699 rubles is perfect for romantic get-togethers

You can complement it with a thin neck chain or bracelets. Do without bright colors and patterns, just gold or silver.

Clothes with voluminous flounces will look strange on ladies with wide shoulders. If you, moreover, have narrow hips, the proportions of the figure will be significantly violated. In order not to look caricatured, it is better to refuse such tops and dresses. They are more suitable for girls with small breasts and rounded hips.

Yellow dress Juicy yellow dress from Pull & Bear (2599 rubles) fits well on the model

It will suit large girls as well, provided that your hips are wider than your shoulders.

To choose the right outerwear, pay attention to the location of the ruffles.

Horizontal flounces are best combined with cropped jackets or jackets. Vertical ruffles or diagonal ruffles work well with an elongated coat or cardigan.

Top Top for 2799 rubles from Zara

This top will look great with a cropped denim jacket or a classic blazer.

The most important rule: there should be only one piece with ruffles in your bow.

You should not choose too pretentious and bright models. Better to limit yourself to classic colors without glitter. They will perfectly fit into any wardrobe, suitable for things of different styles.

Universal combinations

Ruches make the image very romantic, frivolous, even a little flying. Such clothes do not always fit our mood.

But you can combine ruffles with the most common jeans, sweatpants or leather jackets! The combination of different styles and textures will help create a unique image that reflects your inner world.

Jumpsuit from Reserved Jumpsuit from Reserved for 1799 rubles.

This season, the trend for layering is returning.

Just look at how well the jumpsuit is combined with a T-shirt and oversized jacket! Timeless culottes help balance the silhouette.

To prevent ruffled clothes from turning you into a gypsy, pair them with classics. For example, a ruffled top can be worn with regular pants or a pencil skirt. It will be interesting to combine with rough textures, such as leather and denim.

Top with contrasting frill Top with contrasting frills from Mohito (499 rubles)

This top with a frill looks good with cropped jeans and moccasins. The look is simple but stylish.

The peplum is perfect for visual body shaping. With its help, you can hide the tummy, balance the proportions of the body. This detail suits almost everyone, you just need to choose the right style of outfit.

Peplum top Top with peplum for 499 rubles from Mohito

For example, this peplum top can be called versatile. It suits ladies with any figure, it will look good both in the office and on a walk with friends.

If you like small ruffles, it is better to do without accessories. They will make the image heavier, they may even make it vulgar. Large ruffles can be combined with massive solid color jewelry or fine silver jewelry.

Top with frill and print Top with frill and print from Mohito 499 RUB

A frill top looks boring on its own. But just look how he transforms thanks to earrings in the same color scheme!

The main thing to remember is that you should like clothes not only in appearance, but also in feelings.

Choose quality items made from good fabrics so they don’t stretch out after the first wear. You shouldn’t buy a dress or skirt if you feel uncomfortable wearing it.

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