Sadhguru on what depression is and how to overcome it

“Resentment, anger, jealousy, pain, sadness and depression are poisons that you drink yourself but expect to harm someone else. This is mistake. And most people take their whole lives to understand this simple truth. “ (Sadhguru)

We need to understand what depression is. What happens inside you when you feel exhausted and depressed? Basically, you expected something to happen, but it didn’t. This means that you are simply against what is happening around you. Here’s the reason.

Maybe you are against a person, a situation, or maybe you are against life itself. Accordingly, the depression will become deeper and deeper. Think about why you are resisting? Just because things went wrong. Why should the whole world work according to your wishes? You know, it doesn’t work like that.

Either you don’t have faith in the Creator, or you don’t know how to accept reality, or both. You may also have an oversensitive ego. This is why you get depressed.

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What Happens When You Are Depressed

Depression makes you a cynical person who engages in a self-destructive mode. Depressed people only hurt themselves. And not necessarily physical harm. Allegorically speaking, a depressed person will continue to sharpen a knife and cut his own heart. What for? Mostly to elicit sympathy. For an extremely depressed person, ordinary empathy is no longer enough; someone has to suffer with him.

Why are you suffering? The mind and inner nature cannot suffer. Only your ego suffers And if you want to get rid of pain and suffering, then you ignore your ego and go on your way without it.

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How to use depression for your own growth

Any emotion can be turned into creative life force. If your discouragement makes you think about your own inferiority, then use this state to grow. Do you want to turn discouragement into anger or love and compassion?

When you feel bad, try to find empathy in yourself for others. But if you become irritable and angry and think that the whole world is wrong, then you are a fool. The reality is that a person begins to act and change only when he is pretty much beaten by life. For most, maturity and wisdom do not come without the knowledge of sorrow and pain. Otherwise, they will never understand what is happening to them.

Depression is not a natural human emotion. When you were a child, it was natural for you to be happy and merry, not depressed. Depression means that you cannot feel the joy of life.

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The life inside you is fading away because what you do With her not properly

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The source of depression

Depression is almost like agony. You experience jerks of vital energy up and down, but as a reaction to external situations. Depression becomes commonplace because external situations are never under your 100% control. Something is constantly happening in the world, and if you react to it sharply, you suffer and become unhappy.

The tragedy of many people, especially in wealthy countries, is that they have everything, but in fact they have nothing. Depression means hopelessness has come. If you go to some very poor village in India, you will see joyful faces because they have the hope that tomorrow will be better. In wealthy societies, this hope has disappeared. There is food, there is housing, there is clothing, there is everything, but still something is wrong. They just don’t know what.

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Depression needs attention

Unless you have very strong emotions or obsessive thoughts about something, you cannot become depressed. You just generate thoughts and emotions that work against you, not for you. This means that you are strong enough to make yourself depressed. Most depression is your own work. It is a disease created by yourself.

Remember, when you were sick as a child, the whole family fussed around you. Also, you might not have gone to school. When you grow up, ordinary illness no longer attracts such attention, therefore you have learned the art of mental illness. If you want this attention, you become morose and depressed. However, if you keep playing this game, one day you will reach the point of no return.

How to overcome depression?

Physical activity is a very important part of maintaining balance in the body. Over the past several generations, their physical activity has declined significantly. Depression is just one of the manifestations. Some people withdraw into themselves, others become aggressive. The modern approach is to “cure” them with chemical pills or injections, destroying their personality.

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Here’s my approach:

  1. One of the easiest and best ways to get well is through a lot of exercise in a natural environment.
  2. It is also a conscious contact with the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, sunlight or fire and space.
  3. Another factor is the food consumed. People need to give up processed foods.
  4. The lack of emotional security that plagues modern generations. They can’t really put their emotions into the other person, so their relationship is fleeting.


Depression is mostly related to lifestyle. Too much food, not enough activity, lack of contact with nature, lack of contact with the five elements, lack of emotional security are the main reasons why it has become so widespread in the modern world.

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