Sadhguru on why it is important for people to feel connected to the earth

In this article, Sadhguru explains the meaning of the earth element and shares seven ways in which you can constantly keep in touch with the earth. In particular, Sadhguru emphasizes the importance of Bhuta-shuddhi (complete purification), which is one of the main yoga practices.

Why you need to feel connected to the earth and 7 ways to do it right: the practice of Indian yoga Sadhguru
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The meaning of the relationship with the element of the earth

Regardless of your profession, you should put your toes in the ground for at least one hour a day, such as working in your garden or vegetable garden. This interaction with the earth will create in you a natural physical memory that you are mortal, and your body will know that all this is impermanent.

The body has its own memory, which is much more important than the mental memory. In fact, your body’s memory is much more powerful than your mind’s memory.

This reminder of mortality is an essential element of your spiritual development. You will want to know what is outside the physical shell, because you understand that your body will sooner or later expire its “useful life”.

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Build a solid foundation for conscious living

Animals are highly interconnected with the earth, as they do not have the same level of intelligence and awareness as humans. In humans, their psychological space dominates over existential presence.

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In a sense, the earthworm knows from its own experience the connection with the earth, but cannot realize it. If you get him out of the ground, he will want to return to it. If you get the fish out of the water, it will want to return to the water.

This is important not only for survival, but also because of the familiar habitat. In this sense, animals know the connection, but are unable to be aware of it.

Nature brought people to a different level of intelligence and awareness, but we do not always use it. It is quite clear and obvious that we cannot live without air, water or earth.

And if anyone tries to take one item from us, we desperately want it back. In this sense, you know the connection, like an earthworm or a fish. But you must also be aware of this.

Most people live in their own world, which means that they live in their personal psychological space, and not on earth. In fact, they only come into contact with the ground when they are buried or cremated.

Their psychological space is much more important to them than the reality in which they exist. In other words, their own thoughts and emotions are working against them because their intelligence is not geared towards enhancing life experiences.

All the attention of modern education and culture is focused on how to use our environment, but nothing is proposed to improve it. We have learned to use everything that surrounds us, but we have not achieved prosperity.

Remember that you cannot live without constant contact and connection with your environment. Even the earthworm knows this, but not most people.

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Our intellect turned against us because we did not bother to create for ourselves a sufficiently stable basis for a conscious life. This is why the element of the earth is so important.

Ways to interact with the element of the earth

If you want to live right, make contact with the land you live on. Because we lost this contact, life has become more of a mess. And this can lead to illness, exhaustion and, in the end, to the destabilization of the entire system.

Your body is just a piece of the planet. If you lose touch with the source, you will lose balance. Getting fit and well is not about a treadmill and pumped up muscles. Harmony and balance of all elements in our system are important. How can this be achieved?

1. Lower your hands to the ground

The earth is the basis of life. The more you interact with her, the better. Having your hands and bare feet touching the ground will harmonize all physiological processes in your system.

Try to spend at least a few minutes a day in the garden barefoot, touching plants and trees. This is the easiest way to communicate with the earth, or let’s call it contact with the planet.

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2. Ground yourself with a wet body to the ground.

In all Indian temples, people wet the body and lie on the floor. This is not just grounding, it is contact with the ground, which is energized. Men are in contact with a naked torso, and women are in wet clothes.

Without this contact, the body gradually loses its strength. No, you will not die right tomorrow, you will still live and live, but your body will lose many of its abilities as you lose contact with natural elements.

3. Walking barefoot during the new moon

This is especially useful two days before the new moon and during the new moon. During this period, the gravity of the moon creates a certain level of inertial properties, when your body and its energies are much more powerfully connected to the earth than on other days.

Be sure to go barefoot on the new moon and sit cross-legged on the floor. It creates a deep sense of being part of the earth.

4. Walking barefoot before lunch and dinner

Before eating, walk without shoes for at least half an hour on the grass or on the ground. You will see that the food you eat later will be accepted by the body in a completely different way. You will notice that all elements will work more efficiently.

This is especially important for children. The nerve endings of the feet are very sensitive, which means that when in contact with the ground, children better sense the environment, and also become aware of their body. Walking barefoot improves mobility, strengthens leg muscles, and reduces the risk of injury.

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5. Sleep on the floor

If you are often sick, start sleeping on the floor to be closer to the ground. I would say that 80% of your health depends on how well you are in tune with the elements of the earth.

80% of your chronic illnesses can go away simply because you have established a connection with the land you are currently walking or sitting on.

6. Purification of all elements with Bhuta-shuddhi

This is a simple but powerful practice to cleanse the body. Please note the following:

  • the air you breathe;
  • the water you drink;
  • the food you eat;
  • the land you walk on;
  • the space you are in.

Feel grateful that you have it five times a day. When you eat, breathe or drink, know that you are accepting a part of this planet. Whatever you do, do it as consciously as possible. It will change your life experience.

Try to be aware and feel every breath you take. When you breathe air, remember that you are breathing this planet. When you eat something, be aware that you are eating part of this planet. When you drink water, remember that you are drinking a part of this planet.

You must be aware of this relationship. True connectedness means that you experience the earth as a part of you, like your little finger on your hand.

7. Dive into the ground

The planet has a powerful effect on the human body. For example, your body functions differently depending on whether you are standing on the ground or lying down.

The direction and influence of the planet’s magnetic forces on the body is the reason why you should not sleep with your head to the north, because it is harmful.

If you have a garden, dig a hole about half a meter deep. Stand in this hole and bury yourself about just above your ankles. Wait 30-40 minutes.

This practice has many advantages. For example, in terms of health, you will see that after such contact with the ground, you will have no allergies, indicating that you have a clear imbalance with nature.

You may have heard of yogis who buried themselves up to their necks. Of course, you do not need to go that far, but know that the connection with the earth is very beneficial in terms of health, well-being and your level of spirituality.

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