Sadhguru talks about the dangers of positive thinking

Positive thinking is a very popular trend these days, but are you using it the right way? The famous yogi and sage Sadhguru says that you can ignore the negative in every possible way, but the negative cannot ignore you.

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What is positive thinking?

Today, only the lazy does not talk about “positive thinking.” Although, to be honest, in most cases this is just an attempt to escape reality. You want to see only the bright side of life, overlooking the dark. You can ignore the negativity, but the negativity will not ignore you. If you do not think about unpleasant things, then you will live in a fool’s paradise. Suppose there are black clouds in the sky. You can ignore them, but they are not going to ignore you. When it starts raining, you will inevitably get wet.

You can ignore the bad and think that everything will be fine. But this is false consolation. You are trying to calm yourself down by running away from reality, because subconsciously you do not want (or cannot) deal with this reality. You want to close your eyes to the negative and think only of the good. However, you should not try to pretend that something does not exist.

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The dual nature of the world

What you call positive and negative is masculine and feminine, light and dark, day and night. It is impossible to live without this. It is the same as saying that you do not want death, you only want life – and that is unreal. Just because there is death, there is also life. Just because there is darkness, there is also light. Just embrace both the positive and the negative.

If you accept life as it is, then you will see that it is always positive and negative in equal measure. Everything happens as it happens. By the way, excessive positive thinking has destroyed many opportunities for people. Therefore, here is a blank verse written by a “positive thinker”:

A small bird was flying in the sky.

And shit on my head.

But I’m not upset

Because I think positively.

And I am grateful to fate that buffaloes cannot fly.

If you do not want to see life as it is, you will only be forced to smile, but you will not be able to develop. The reason people have lost a sense of the depth and versatility of their lives is because they want to simplify things. They only accept what is convenient for them, what they call positive. They want to get everything fast. However, you cannot constantly convince yourself and others:

“Do not worry be happy. Things are good. Just enjoy life. “

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Such happiness is illusory, and people find themselves in mentally and psychologically unhealthy situations.

Nowadays, the saying is especially popular: “Live today”… Where else, tell me, can you be? You live in it! Everyone quotes this phrase, but essentially does not understand what it means.

Karmic source

If you look at people who always say “be happy” (depending on their lifestyle), many of them fall into depression after a certain time. You cannot impose happiness on yourself and try to cultivate it by force in yourself. There is pain and sorrow, joy and love in life. This is called prarabdha karma. Karma is data from the past that affects your present. Prarabdha is like a coil spring. She must find a way out. If you deny something obvious, it will take root in a completely different way – often destructively.

It is important that you see and perceive everything as it is, without denying anything. If grief comes, then you experience it. You need to fully experience sadness, joy, inspiration, and disappointment.

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The Dangers of Positive Thinking

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Why are you even talking about positive or negative? Why do you want to look at the world so one-sidedly? Why not take a look at each situation as it is, accept it as it is and think about how to improve it if possible? Do not try to philosophize, but look at reality. Realize it.

Each situation requires a different response. If you develop a positive mindset, it can work well in one situation. But in another situation, you will start doing stupid things, because you have a preconceived idea that you should behave in a certain way. You don’t have to be totally positive. There is no need for a complete denial of the negative. Just take everything consciously and meaningfully. And then you can act to the best of your intelligence and capabilities. It’s that simple really!

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