Sales manager profession – where to study, and who is a sales manager suitable for?

How to become a sales manager?The term “sales manager” today refers to a manager who is responsible for the trading process in a particular area of ​​the company or in general – throughout the company. An employee in this position is in constant demand today, and his work is well paid. But a manager does not always hold a leading position, and the burden of worries is very solid.

Is it worth going into this profession? We understand the nuances!

The content of the article:

  1. Where and how does a sales manager work?
  2. Skills, skills, personal and business qualities
  3. Where to study to become a sales manager?
  4. Sales manager salary and career
  5. Where to look for a job as a sales manager?

Where and how a sales manager works – job responsibilities

This profession cannot be ranked among the oldest – the field of activity is very young, but actively and steadily developing.

The prerequisite for the emergence of the profession was the need for companies to develop at a new, higher quality level, the success of the company in the sale of solid volumes of goods depends on the sales managers.

Where does the sales manager work?

Naturally, in trade. Moreover, in all its areas – from retail and wholesale to the sale of services, studios, online stores (remote managers) and so on.

And, given the rapid pace of development of trade in Russia, this profession is more relevant today than ever, and will remain so for a long time.

Such specialists are in demand today in almost every area of ​​sales.

What are the responsibilities of managers?

  • Organization and subsequent maintenance of sales.
  • Optimization of the company.
  • Analysis of sales volumes, identification of errors and search for methods to correct them.
  • Carrying out mutual settlements with clients.
  • Development and organization of events involving the creation of a client base.
  • Building ways to promote products to consumers.
  • Cooperation with logisticians, enterprises and intermediaries.
  • Selection of types of contracts, development of pre-contractual papers.
  • Smoothing out disagreements and “sharp corners” in contracts.
  • Compilation of statistical tables.
  • Keeping records for your management.
  • And so on.

Benefits of work:

  1. High demand for the profession.
  2. Active, interesting work.
  3. Prospects for career growth.
  4. The possibility of a constant increase in earnings.
  5. No mandatory requirement for “higher education”.


  1. Frequent emotional overload.
  2. Revenue is directly related to sales.
  3. Irregularity of the work schedule.
  4. The need for constant travel (meeting with clients is the main job of a manager).

Skills, skills, personal and business qualities for the job of a sales manager – who is the profession suitable for?

First of all, the profession is suitable for young active people who are distinguished by high communication skills, activity, stress resistance and ability for business growth.

The working day of such a specialist lasts longer than the classic 8 hours, and communication with clients is not always a pleasure.

In addition, it is worth noting frequent conflict situations, as well as financial responsibility.

Therefore, the main qualities inherent in a sales manager include:

  • Activity and friendliness.
  • The ability to respond appropriately to a wide variety of people.
  • Sociability and ability to learn quickly.
  • Desire to grow and develop.
  • High level of stress resistance.
  • Broad outlook.
  • Inner charm is the ability to instantly make acquaintances and strengthen business ties.
  • Organizational skills.
  • The ability to instantly analyze all received information and quickly respond to market changes.

Required knowledge:

  1. Technical literacy… Skills in product property analysis. The specialist must be able to convince the client, make him an offer that the client cannot resist. Accordingly, the manager must constantly develop and improve his qualifications, regularly undergo certification.
  2. Positive and effective communication. An important point on which the success of sales to customers depends, which may differ not only in status and interests, but also in age, social level, and so on. Individual approach – 50% success. The manager is obliged to know about his client before meeting with him. The nuances of successful trading are taught in special trainings.
  3. Office work. Writing business letters, answering inquiries and registering them, collecting accounts receivable and a competent approach to preparing business proposals – all this refers to the work of a manager, who, among other things, must be able to work with a computer at the level of an advanced user, own all the necessary programs, etc. …
  4. Legal literacy. Clients often make amendments to contracts, and the manager’s task is to promptly respond to them by rejecting or accepting. And even if agreed with the management, the manager is obliged to control the signing of contracts, as well as the implementation of each item. The manager, of course, does not need the entire volume of our legislation, but the basic laws, without knowledge of which one cannot do in work, should “bounce off the teeth.”
  5. Accounting documentation. A top-level manager does not need an accountant to complete their transactions. He is able to independently issue invoices, write invoices and sales checks, and so on. Of course, an amateur can cope with uniform accounting programs, but with a serious workflow, skills in working with such documents are extremely important.
  6. Also, the manager needs knowledge of their area of ​​economics and management

A good manager must be able to organize his working time and work plan independently: he is able to work “without a pointer or a stick.” The main reference point of a specialist is the final result.

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And, of course, it is important to be convincing and original, to be different from other specialists.

How does a sales manager work?

Where to study for a sales manager – specialties, universities, necessary education

A good manager doesn’t have to be a crusty specialist. Often among managers there are real masters of their craft, but with an education that does not even come close to the field of work.

Still, the appropriate education is your bonus to the piggy bank of benefits when applying for a job.

This profession is usually taught in the specialties of “management”, as well as “trade”.

Where to go to study?

Today, there are no problems with training in the specialty necessary for a future manager, probably not in any city.

Managers are needed, important, and the demand for them is high, so the required faculty is likely to be found in every university.

Don’t forget about courses and trainings!

You can visit them to improve your qualifications, to fully understand the theory of sales, and also to work out this very theory in practice, “without leaving the checkout.”

During the trainings, you can study the psychology of buyers, master the methods of attracting future customers and their active and rapid transformation into regular customers.

In the same place, the future manager will get rid of the constraints in communication, improve the existing skills and qualities, and expand the knowledge base.

Sales manager salary and career – how much do sales managers get today?

Is a manager in demand today?

Yes, yes and yes again!

This is the most demanded and popular profession today. There is a similar position in every sales company.

As for the salary, it usually consists of a percentage of sales, therefore it directly depends on their volume and the professionalism of the specialist.

A good manager in a large city working for a large company can earn up to several thousand dollars a month.

What about your career?

There is definitely a career prospect!

And success depends on creativity, work success, will and desire, initiative.

  • Take the initiative in your own hands (although it is punishable by execution, it brings experience and money).
  • Always be one step ahead – keep your finger on the pulse, study trends, learn to analyze and adapt to market changes.
  • Study the product (service) that you offer and practice the sales technique.

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Where to look for a job as a sales manager – and how exactly to get it

It is not difficult to find a vacancy for a sales manager today – there are enough of them in print publications, on special exchanges offering similar work, on Internet sites with relevant topics, on freelance exchanges.

In addition, you can simply pay a visit to any company, car dealership or store – and offer them your services.

  1. Structure information about yourself and present it exceptionally competently.
  2. All your features and talents need to fit into a maximum of 2 pages.
  3. We provide only the most important information, the details can be disclosed during the interview.
  4. Highlight your strengths.
  5. There should be no mistakes in your resume! Mistakes are a sign of your haste, negligence and illiteracy.
  6. Having a photo on your resume presupposes your openness and self-confidence.
  7. Readiness for business trips, youth, knowledge of languages, personal car are your advantages.
  8. It is not necessary to indicate the size of the expected salary. A potential employer should see in you, first of all, a focus on results.

What may be asked at an interview – we prepare for a meeting in advance

  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years (5 years)? Here, your fantasies will be superfluous. Be realistic and formulate plans that you can actually implement. Don’t think too long; the answer should be clear, quick and as honest as possible.
  • Worst and best sides of you? There is no need for crystal honesty here. Excessive bragging – too. Be humble but confident. Don’t try to show yourself better or worse than you are. How to properly communicate your negative traits on your resume?
  • Are you able to exchange? In this answer, experts recommend avoiding the question as a joke.
  • What’s your best deal? If you haven’t had one yet, or you don’t have any work experience, come up with this deal. If your conscience does not allow you – look for another job. For a sales manager, embellishment is part of the job.
  • How resilient are you? Here, it is also recommended to answer with a joke, but answer in such a way that the employer understands that you are stress-resistant for you.
  • What do you like about work? This is where it’s better to get creative. Don’t be like everyone else in answering this question. Individuality is extremely important!

You may also be asked why this position should be given to you, why you left the previous company, and also give you an “exam” on the knowledge of your responsibilities.

And a few more important points:

  1. You must be well prepared for your interview. At least, apart from your charm and activity, they expect more knowledge, professionalism and experience from you.
  2. Be active and engaged. In addition, the more questions from you, the less – from the employer.
  3. Don’t ask for a big salary. The emphasis is precisely on the interest from them. This will show you your commitment to being active and looking for buyers.
  4. A categorical ban on any impartial statements about your former leaders and colleagues!
  5. Avoiding parasitic words.

And – believe in yourself. A positive attitude is half the battle.

Consider the interview as your most important deal in life and you will succeed. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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