Sam Susser Net Worth

Sam Susser is a businessman who has a net worth of $14 million. He is the president of Susser Holdings II, L.P., a private investment firm. Susser owns 351,220 shares Sunoco LP stock. He has a strong background in finance and has served on the Boards of Directors of several companies, including Sunoco.

The Susser family wants to get into the banking industry. Susser bank Holdings LLC filed to become a savings- and loan holding company. The Corpus Christi-based firm agreed to purchase up to 75 percent of BancAffiliated Inc. voting shares. This would place Susser in complete control of Affiliated Bank. Affiliated Bank is located in Bedford, Texas. Susser Bank Holdings was founded in 1959 and focuses primarily on commercial and construction lending.

Susser Holdings Corporation, a third-generation family company, is located in Texas. The Susser family owns 627 Stripes convenience stores and 47 Sac-N-Pac(tm) stores across Texas. Susser Petroleum Partners LP distributes 1.6 million gallons of motor oil annually. Despite his large business holdings, Susser has a modest net worth.

Energy Transfer Partners LP reached an agreement with Susser Holdings Corp. that values both companies at $1.8billion. The merger is expected to bring in approximately $70 million in annual synergies and allow Susser Holdings to supercharge growth. Analysts agree that $1.8billion is not too high. However, flippen believes that Energy Transfer and Susser Holdings’ valuation is justified.

Kendra Scott has a net worth of $500 million. Sam L. Susser is an oil fat-cat who has given thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. His ego is so large that he must spend his time in politics, despite mediocre performances. Kendra Scott, his wife, isn’t stupid rich despite all this. She is one the smartest millionaires on the planet.

Susser Holdings reported a profit of $53million for the fourth quarter, which included the sale of three Stripes shops. As of December 2013, Susser had five-hundred and twenty-seven branded locations. The adjusted EBITDA, which is a measure of the company’s profits, was $77.3 million. This was despite lower fuel margins for the wholesale and retail business segments. Its stock price has risen to $14.65, and its earnings have increased by nearly ten percent.

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