Santia Deck Net Worth

Santia Deck is a multi-millionaire athlete with a remarkable net worth. Santia Deck is the first woman to own a sneaker company and is regarded as the face of women’s soccer. Outside of football, Santia Deck has been active in the fitness industry, conducting a popular television show called Queen of Abs. Her social media presence is incredible, which has helped her to build a large following. In addition to her impressive net worth, Santia Deck is also an accomplished fitness trainer.

Santia Deck’s net worth is unknown. But, she is one of the highest-paid female football players in the United States. Her popularity has soared since her career as a fitness trainer. She also enjoys a high-profile lifestyle in Alpharetta, Georgia. She stands at a height of five feet one inch and weighs about 61 kg. Her black hair and eyes make her very attractive.

Santia Deck began her career as a personal trainer and quickly gained a lot of popularity on social media. Santia Deck’s flag football skills earned her a large social media following. Today, she is the highest-paid female football player in the Women’s Football League Association (WFL). She is also a fitness trainer and has more than 200k followers on Instagram. Deck has a loyal following within the athletic community and her social media pages are well-received by men.

Santia Deck has worked her way up to a high-profile celebrity status. She is the founder of a fitness brand, as well as a popular book called “The Struggle” and numerous fitness DVDs. Her success in the sport industry has allowed her to earn $80 million. And she’s also a prominent social influencer, earning millions of dollars a year. Santia Deck is one example of many ways to make money online.

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