Sati Casanova spoke about her favorite yoga techniques

Singer and fashion model Sati Casanova is known for her passion for a healthy lifestyle. The girl can be safely called a real specialist in this area: for several years she has been carefully monitoring the diet and practicing vegetarianism, studying yoga, Ayurveda and other spiritual practices.

The star regularly shares her experience with Instagram followers. She recently talked about which yoga techniques should be preferred and why.

Sati Casanova
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In an ocean of proposals

Every modern girl who wants to start a healthy lifestyle and try spiritual practices is invariably faced with an abundance of all kinds of tempting offers: courses, marathons, seminars, “secrets of happiness” – all this is provided in such an abundance that it is difficult not to get confused and make the right choice. Sati is well aware of this problem: before finally deciding, for several years she was in constant search of the perfect technique that would meet all her needs. Until I discovered Atma Kriya Yoga.

“Before my acquaintance with Atma Kriya Yoga, I was in search for several years and I perfectly understand what it is. In Atma Kriya Yoga, I found everything I was looking for and even more … Atma Kriya Yoga burns the negative karma of many lives and helps to find my True Higher Self ”, Sati Casanova told.

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Photo @satikazanova

As it turned out, this practice includes unique techniques of yoga and multilevel meditation, which together are aimed at purifying the inner world, gaining spiritual balance and harmony. Such practices are indispensable for a modern person when it is so important to be able to withstand stress and stress. In addition, this technique is absolutely safe and suitable even for beginners.

Visible result

Sati definitely knows what she is talking about: the positive results of her many years of work on herself are clearly visible. At 38, the star looks much younger than her age and seems like a very young girl with a fragile figure and a fresh, radiant face. Spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation have a positive effect not only on the internal state of the body, but also help to maintain youth and beauty for many years.

Sati Casanova 3
Photo @satikazanova

By the way, with regard to external beauty and attractiveness, Sati Casanova has more than once been included in the lists of the most beautiful and sexy Russian pop stars. In 2011, the singer was included in the list of the sexiest stars according to the FHM magazine, then repeated her success in 2012, in 2016 she took 32nd place in the MAXIM magazine rating.

Today, the star appears much less often at social events, preferring a quiet family life, but continues to lead an active life on social networks, regularly delighting subscribers (and she has more than 1 million of them) with new photos and tips on a healthy lifestyle.

Sati Casanova 4
Photo @satikazanova

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