Schizophrenia Test – Test Yourself!

Many have heard of schizophrenia from books and movies, but few people know the true meaning of this disease. Schizophrenia is a serious psychological personality disorder, the main characteristic of which is the breakdown of all thought processes and emotional reactions. A person suffering from such a disease, a priori, cannot live a full life.

Today we invite you to test yourself for schizophrenia using our unique express diagnostics. It will be very interesting!

Test instructions:

  1. Throw away unnecessary thoughts and focus on the image.
  2. Did you see anything specific on it?
  3. See the result.
schizophrenia test
Bologny illustration

Test result

Psychologists have identified a quick way to diagnose schizophrenia using this image. Did you see anything on it? Not? Well, don’t be discouraged! This suggests that you are absolutely healthy mentally! But people predisposed to schizoid personality disorders, or those who are already susceptible to them, will immediately see something here. What exactly?

ATTENTION! Now we will make a hint, and you will immediately see in the figure a specific object that you did not immediately see. Ready? Then scroll down.

A unique test for schizophrenia - test yourself!  Bologny exclusive!


schizophrenia test 2
Bologny illustration
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