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Schizophrenia is a mental personality disorder in the course of which not only emotional reactions but also thought processes disintegrate. Simply put, it is a serious psychiatric illness. Experts say that schizophrenics have an identity disorder in which the personality is divided. That is, several completely different people seem to coexist in the body of one person.

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The human brain and, accordingly, the psyche are not fully understood, which is why mental disorders, including schizophrenia, are difficult to diagnose and even more so to treat. However, with some tests it is possible.

Bologny brings to your attention a simple but effective test that will determine with 90% accuracy whether you have schizophrenia.

What do we have to do? Play the video and take a look at the mask. Tell me, which way does it rotate? Does it change direction or is it spinning in one direction all the time?

Important! Don’t take the results of this test too seriously. Remember that only a specialist can make an EXACT psychiatric diagnosis.

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A rare schizophrenia test with 90% accuracy

The mask rotates ONE SIDE all the time. There is no computer graphics here, it really does not change the direction of movement. However, many mentally healthy people see a mask that changes direction. What’s the secret? Bologny will reveal it to you now!

In fact, the focus here is on the front and back of the mask. The front side is usually perceived by the brain, but the wrong side is not. We are used to seeing people’s faces, not the inside of their heads. The concave seamy side of the face (mask) is perceived by the brain inadequately. Therefore, our brain tries to adapt to this oddity and “flips” the image. This is why many see a mask that changes direction.

An interesting point – people who are intoxicated or those who are potentially susceptible to schizophrenia see one mask that turns in one direction. Therefore, if you, being in a sober mind and sane mind, saw this, you should think about your mental health.

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Charlie ChaplinBonus at last!

Interesting fact: in reality, the test subjects were shown a mask, which is a cast of the face of the famous comedian Charles Chaplin.

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