Scientists have come up with a way for plants to light up the streets

But how is this possible? – you ask. As unusual as it may sound, scientists have actually found a way that allows plants to glow.

Let’s talk about this in more detail. Scientists began working on a similar experiment back in 2017. Special nanoparticles were injected into plant cells, allowing them to emit a small glow. But, this glow could not last long, only about four hours.

And then, the researchers came up with a way to give plants, the so-called “recharge”, with which they will be able to emit a glow much longer, which will increase the light intensity by 10 times. This will happen with the help of a special light-emitting device that will absorb and accumulate light, and the use of capacitors, which are usually used in an electrical circuit, has also increased the illumination period.

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Thanks to such experiments, scientists seriously thought that plants that have the ability to glow in this way can become a real living lighting for the street. How do you like this idea?

It should be noted that this experiment had no effect on the vital activity of plants. Researchers are currently developing powerful plant-based lighting systems that will last longer and more efficiently.

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