Scientists have named four main reasons for divorce

What better way to test your feelings than some kind of joint activity – be it traveling, keeping a common budget, or even getting a pet. All this can be both a stumbling block and a factor that brings your couple together.

One surprising activity that partners usually start with enthusiasm and optimism, new research shows, can easily ruin their relationship. So what, according to one survey, was the last straw for almost one in five couples?

1. Joint home renovation increases the risk of divorce or separation

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975 people took part in a new survey from the online platform HomeAdvisor, who, together with their partner, started a home improvement project, or, more simply, a renovation.

The study authors found that 70% of couples surveyed named such renovations. “An excellent test for the strength of a relationship”

Unfortunately, not every couple passed this test: as many as 17% of those surveyed split up or got divorced due to disputes and quarrels about how best to make repairs.

Moreover, 39% of those surveyed said that they regretted getting involved in this activity with a partner.

2. Money issues are the main cause of quarrels and conflicts

Scientists have found out, the joint performance of what cases leads to divorce 20 percent of couples
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Disputes over repair costs can disrupt the peace of even the strongest, healthiest relationship and lead to discord and misunderstanding.

When asked about the most serious problems associated with joint efforts to repair a house or apartment, 80% of respondents answered that if there were any contradictions, they tried to find a compromise and tried to fit into their budget.

3. Different tastes and visions of the renovation process were also the subject of controversy.

Scientists have found out, the joint performance of what cases leads to divorce 20 percent of couples
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If you have plans to jointly make repairs in the house, it would be wise to think over the design in advance and make sure that you both have the same vision of the project, otherwise you will not avoid conflicts during the work. First, develop a joint strategy, and therefore go to buy building materials.

According to a HomeAdvisor poll, 43% of couples said conflicts over personal tastes and preferences, as well as style choices, were the most significant issue – even more so when they got started.

At the same time, 40% noted disagreements already at the first stage, in the course of agreeing on a common vision of the renovation and its final result.

4. The smallest details are the biggest problems

Scientists have found out, the joint performance of what cases leads to divorce 20 percent of couples
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If you think that only global repairs can cause relationship problems, you are mistaken. Respondents to a HomeAdvisor survey acknowledged that even the smallest cosmetic chores around the home were a source of contention.

So, 31% of those surveyed said that they fought with their partner because of major changes, for example, because of the demolition of walls, but almost half (48%) also said that they had conflicts due to minor nuances, such as choice of paint or tile color.

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