Seasonal Hair Loss – Causes and Ways to Fight

Scientists from the American Academy of Dermatology claim that every second woman faces the problem of seasonal hair loss.

With the onset of spring or winter, we often find a lot of hair loss when we brush. Some women even go into a panic called “I’ll be bald soon!“. But is seasonal hair loss really that terrible and, most importantly, what to do to prevent it?

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International marketplace expert Maria Osipova comments

Maria Osipova
Maria Osipova – hairdresser-stylist, expert

There are several main reasons why a person suddenly begins to lose hair.

Popular causes of hair loss:

  • – transferred illness;
  • – severe stress;
  • – strict diet;
  • – changing the diet.

As a result, there is a shortage of vital nutrients. Therefore, if a person suddenly begins to lose hair, first of all it is necessary to be tested for vitamins and minerals.

In order to maintain your body and prevent “seasonal molting”, you must take twice a year multivitamin course:

  1. It is interesting that the same are responsible for the state of the nervous system, and for the quality and quantity of hair. B vitamins: Thiamine (B1), riboflavin, (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6) are responsible for the normalization of the sebaceous glands, proper nutrition of the hair follicles, hair color and shine, prevent the formation of dandruff. Folic (B9) and pantothenic acid (B5), as well as biotin (B7), cobalamin (B12) provide us with strong and healthy hair.
  2. Vitamin A and zinc are responsible for tissue regeneration, help get rid of flaking and dry skin, and also strengthen hair follicles.
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids saturate the hair follicles, make them stronger and stronger, and the hair itself – smoother and shinier.
  4. Vitamin C – the main antioxidant that removes harmful toxins from our body, while strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improving blood circulation. This also applies to the scalp – due to this, the hair grows well and does not break.
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As a prevention of hair loss, it is useful to do massages to improve blood circulation, apply special masks and lotions. It is advisable to closely monitor the temperature at which you dry your hair. Too hot air can thin hair and make it brittle and brittle.

We often mistake “seasonal” hair loss for an emergency. In fact, a person can lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. This is all the norm. We may lose more hair one day due to styling or hats, and less on another.

If you really think that your hair is “flying”, it is better to contact a trichologist. This specialist will assess the condition of the scalp and prescribe medications.

Maria Osipova, hairdresser-stylist, expert of the international marketplace for beauty and health products iHerb

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