Secrets of a beautiful figure from Kelly Gale

Fashion model Kelly Gale plays sports six times a week. Before important shows, her training schedule is exactly like this. And between projects, she sometimes allows herself to relax.

23-year-old Kelly is one of the “angels” of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand. She considers it her primary task to be on the podium at the peak of her physical condition.

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“I go to bed early in the evenings before auditions and screenings,” Gail says. – So I get enough sleep. I set my alarm early in the morning so I can meditate, so I wake up better. Then I do a quick 15 minute workout for the abdominal muscles. To be honest, on the eve of the shows, my regime does not change much. I train six times a week all year round. And usually classes take at least two hours. Besides, I walk everywhere. My route is 15-30 kilometers per day. And this is every day! On the eve of the show, I cover distances closer to 30 kilometers, I do not miss two hours of training.

Kelly has attended the annual Victoria’s Secret runway five times. In addition to physical activity, she uses diets. And often goes to the sauna, because the heat helps to lose weight. And she can’t do it on the beach. She is contracted to protect her body from sunburn.

– On the eve of the show, it is important for me to focus on certain muscle groups, – explains the star of the podium. “I try to make sure I’m working with the areas I’m targeting. As much as possible, of course. I also do ankle weights, gliding workouts and use high resistance machines.

As for diets, they are not difficult for Gail. She is used to eating only healthy foods. She hardly knew the other.

“I’ve never known bad, unhealthy food,” Kelly assures. – Therefore, for me healthy food is natural, I eat everything natural. There is a lot of fish in my diet, there are all types of vegetables except potatoes. I like foods with slow-digesting carbohydrates: oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt, lots of berries and fruits. Snack on nuts, cheese, and vegan chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar on the way. And I also go to the infrared sauna, it has a beneficial effect on well-being, is effective in many ways. Her skin shines. And also a sauna is a method to quickly get rid of edematous fullness and excess fluid.

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