secrets of a fabulous relationship with the singer Nyusha

Igor Sivov and Anna Shurochkina, known as the singer Nyusha, will soon celebrate their “leather wedding” – the third wedding anniversary. In the fall of 2018, the couple had a daughter, Simba, and the businessman is also raising two more sons from a previous marriage. In an interview with StarHit, the man spoke about the secrets of a fabulous relationship with his wife and raising children.

Secrets of a happy life with a singer

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According to Igor, he tries to find time and energy not only for work and children, but also to help his wife in everyday life. He believes that mutual assistance to each other in the household is the key to a happy relationship:

“Changing a diaper is not just a woman’s responsibility, I think. A man can do it too. Prepare delicious food too. The chefs are mostly the stronger sex. At home, let the one who is in the mood to do it cook. In our pair, this is exactly how it is. If a woman is forced to stand at the stove, the food will not taste good. The more the spouse feels that she “should”, the more unhappy, “Sivov said.

He noted that they have no strict rules in their relationship, and everyone does what they can:

“We do not have precise responsibilities, everyone does what he sees fit. If I get up earlier, then I gladly serve breakfast for everyone. I’m not a cook, of course, but I love this – especially for children. My signature dish is omelet. “

In the house of Igor and Nyusha, an assistant is cleaned, because both spouses have a difficult and busy schedule, and they try to appreciate every moment that they manage to spend together or alone with themselves. And also the couple is trying to devote time to self-realization.

Family rules

nyusha family

In addition, Sivov spoke about the personal boundaries of a man and a woman. He says that in their relationship with Nyusha, everyone has their own opinion and time, which the other respects. That is why the spouses try to speak out everything about each other’s desires to the smallest detail, even, for example, cooking dinner. This rule also applies to children – their point of view is always taken into account.

“The child should have the rules that he spoke with the parents. For example, we eat at the table. The situation when someone wants to eat in his room is unacceptable for us. But at the same time, if parents take food and go with it to the TV, then the children will remember and do the same. The whole family must follow the rules, ”says Igor.

Learn from each other

The man also shared that he and his wife live in “the system where they constantly take something from each other.” For example, Sivov learns self-control from his wife – Nyusha is a very calm person who never breaks down on others. Largely thanks to this, he and his wife never quarreled over the long period of the self-isolation regime:

“We studied a lot, so everything was great. We enjoyed each other’s company as much as possible. “

nyusha with her husband

Recall that Igor Sivov and Nyusha met more than seven years ago in Kazan. Three years later, the couple stopped hiding their relationship, and in January 2017 it became known that the lovers were going to get married. The wedding took place in the Maldives. Paris Hilton became the DJ, and Leonardo DiCaprio became Nyusha’s dance partner.

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