Secrets of “eternal youth” Ekaterina Klimova

How to look at all 25 at 42? Everything is quite simple, as the theater and film actress Ekaterina Klimova assures. After all, this woman, even at her age, blooms and pleases the eye of all fans.

Ekaterina Klimova
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The actress was perfectly preserved for her age, and in this she was helped not only by genetics, but also by special secrets that she is ready to share with readers.

1 secret: staying in the soul as a child

Catherine always says that a person should remain a child, regardless of his real age. Klimova remains a child and is not shy about it! She believes that the main thing that will help preserve youth is confidence in her dreams, as well as a little childishness that will dilute boring everyday life.

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Psychologists always say that an adult should remain a child at heart. With the advent of adult responsibilities, we lose what is inherent in us by nature. I never limit myself in dreams and aspirations. This limitation will kill all the nerve cells that help you stay happy in adulthood and in responsible life.

Secret 2: sleep and sport

The actress loves sports, so she constantly visits the gym with her daughter. She also loves swimming. Catherine claims that sport cheers up, energizes, and also has a beneficial effect on the general state of the body and health.

“Looking good is work. And a conscious choice of a woman. You know, even elementary organizing your daily routine and going to bed early takes effort. Because if you don’t get enough sleep, no creams, masks and beautician manipulations will save you. “

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Klimova always does a stretching complex before going on stage. This is one of her main secrets, because thanks to sports, she not only maintains an excellent figure, but also a charge of vigor. Her eyes start to sparkle, energy is splashing out of her!

Secret 3: no pies

But how to maintain a beautiful figure without restrictions? Klimova loves homemade pies, but limits herself to them, because she knows that they will not only affect her figure, but also have a bad effect on her health and condition.

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Nutritionists advise to choose food consciously, as Catherine does. She understands what saturates her body and what takes away strength. The actress will prefer a salad, which will give her a boost of vitamins, instead of pies. Yes, they are delicious, but also harmful.

Secret 4: no pills

The actress will never take pills unless absolutely necessary. She selectively accepts prescribed medications, as she understands that some of them will lead to negative consequences.

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I used to think that without medication it is impossible to remove the headache that has always bothered me. Once I tried to find the cause of my ailments in order to solve the problem without pills.

It turns out that I spent a lot of time at the computer, rarely walked. In such conditions, of course, the head will hurt very much. It was only necessary to add more walks and limit the computer to say goodbye to the headache forever!

Secret 5: surround yourself with the right people

Catherine breaks up with those who prevent her from moving forward in life. If she is uncomfortable being near a person, then she will tactfully and gently leave. The woman believes that it is the right environment that will help every person to stay healthy and young, regardless of age.

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In psychology, there is such a thing as “energy vampires”. These are people who take the energy of others, and even feed on it. After some time of communication with them, the soul becomes empty, lazy and sad.

There was such a case in my life when I realized that my close friend is a vampire. I did not break up with her, I just limited communication, because I love this person very much. After such actions, I realized that my life has become a little more joyful, because I have enough emotions and energy for things that are important to me.

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