Secrets of Rejuvenation Through Dentistry Found

How is dentistry related to youthfulness of the face, beauty and health of the body? What are the trends in medical and aesthetic dentistry today? What procedures do our stars choose? Our guest expert Bologny – dentist, orthopedist-implantologist, gnatologist Oleg Viktorovich Konnikov will tell about all this.

Secrets of Rejuvenation Through Dentistry Found
Dentist, orthopedist-implantologist, gnathologist Konnikov Oleg Viktorovich @ dr.konnikov

Bologny: Oleg Viktorovich, tell us, please, what does a gnathologist do and what questions do people ask him?

Oleg Konnikov: Not every patient has heard of gnathology. However, they turn to the gnathologist if they want to achieve high-quality dental prosthetics or determine the cause of facial pain.

Gnathology is a field in dentistry that studies the functional relationship of tissues and organs of the dentition. The gnathological concept is the main concept of the Dental concepts Konnikov clinic. It is the basis for any reconstructive treatment of functional closure of teeth. Its area includes diseases of the temporomandibular joint, pathologies of the connection of the masticatory organ with human posture. And even kinesiology and neurology.

All patients with bite problems, with crowded teeth or their absence, with clicks and crunching in the temporomandibular joint, with bruxism, headaches, snoring – these are all patients at the clinic of Dr. Konnikov.

Quality of life is the main message of our treatment!

Bologny: You are an expert on Channel One in the program “10 years younger”. How is dentistry related to youth?

Oleg Konnikov: It’s no secret that the first signs of aging are visible on the face: a decrease in the height of the lower part of the face, deepening and sharp severity of the nasolabial and chin folds, drooping of the corners of the lips, the level of the eye horizon, and a change in the position of the head relative to the body. All this happens as a result of uneven tooth wear. Such abnormal abrasion occurs as a result of malocclusion. Having understood and worked out the algorithms and principles of restoring lost dental tissues, we found that all our patients are getting younger right before our eyes by at least 10 years. This is what attracted the attention of the first channel to my practice.

After all, a large number of my patients are celebrities, stars of theater and cinema, politics and science, music and art. The feedback from my patients led me to the multimillion audience of the first channel. And our non-surgical rehabilitation mechanism is called “dental face lifting” – bioaesthetic treatment, restoration of the correct proportions of the face ratio. We return to people natural beauty, youth, self-confidence.

Bologny: Can you share with our readers the secrets or exercises for beauty and youthfulness of the face, neck, and the whole body?

Oleg Konnikov: Most dental problems are hidden in the cervical spine, namely the atlanto-occipital region. A change in the space between the spinous processes of the cervical vertebrae leads to dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. Because of this, there is a strong abrasion of the teeth, and this is one of the consequences of grinding, deformation of the jaw apparatus.

In order to cope with this problem at home, it is necessary to do exercises to increase the space between the vertebrae. Yoga and gymnastics according to the method of Mariano Rocabado do an excellent job with this task. Work out the cervical spine every day – and your face will be symmetrical and your skin elastic. Do exercises to strengthen muscle tissue in the lower jaw – and a beautiful face contour will make you look effective and young.

Today, increased tooth wear can be a consequence of emotional instability and stress; healthy sleep, sports, proper food and meditation can do a great job here.

Bologny: What services are most in demand among show business stars? What’s trending?

Oleg Konnikov: The demands of our star patients are driven by their busy schedule.

First, this is a very clear coordination of treatment, because due to the tight filming schedule, our show business stars are very limited in time.

Second, the stars cannot afford strong changes in their appearance, so all rehabilitation should take place in stages!

Third, diction and the optical properties of a smile are the main criteria and fears of our beautiful stars.

The most demanded desire of our star patients is a non-surgical facelift Dental face lifting by the method of a controlled change in the position of the lower jaw, followed by restoration of teeth without mechanical processing (teeth turning).

Bologny: Oleg Viktorovich, please share some funny stories in your practice. Maybe you can tell us some stellar secrets?

Oleg Konnikov: There were interesting cases in my practice. One of our star patients, Mikhail Grebenshchikov, inspired by a visit to my clinic, wrote a song especially for the project “10 Years Younger” and shot a video. He asked the program experts to star in it and record his lyrics in the studio.

One well-known artist painted and donated a painting with my image in the guards officer of the 19th century. It was very gratifying.

There was another such case. One of my patients, a very high-ranking politician, called me and asked to consult a friend of mine. At the meeting, the patient could not believe for a long time that the consulting doctor was Dr. Konnikov.

Bologny: Very interesting! What is the most effective method of teeth whitening today? How to prolong the whitening effect and is there any harm from the procedure?

Oleg Konnikov: All whitening principles are aimed at displacing the pigment from the enamel surface and filling it with active oxygen particles. Teeth whitening is a modern procedure aimed at changing the existing enamel color towards lighter shades. In the course of its implementation, special reagents and equipment are used that relieve enamel from plaque, stains and darkening. The procedure itself is aimed only at giving an aesthetic effect.

Today, in my opinion, the most effective procedure is photobleaching. To prolong the effect, we make custom aligners and home support components for our patients. With their help, patients can correct the color of their teeth on their own. I recommend safe whitening once a year, preventive cleaning twice a year. Individual dental hygiene – twice a day.

Bologny: How popular is dental treatment under general anesthesia, and how often is this service used?

Oleg Konnikov: Dental treatment in a dream is a great way to carry out complex surgical or orthopedic manipulations safely and without harm to the psyche. Since it makes no sense to carry out full anesthesia in dental practice, we use the patient sedation method. Sedation is a half-asleep state in which a person retains the ability to answer the doctor’s questions. This is a pain-free and stress-free dental treatment. Therefore, this service is often used by all patients, including our stars.

Bologny: Teeth in one day – is it really a reality or a publicity stunt?

Oleg Konnikov: Teeth in one day is possible. But before that, careful preparation is required. After all, the procedure must be performed without violating the aesthetic and functional component. Teeth in one day is real. For example, a patient has removable dentures, which he finally decided to get rid of. With the help of correct diagnostics, digital technologies and special templates, we place implants on both jaws in one day. After such planned measures, our patients look 20 years younger! And this is very valuable to us!

We thank Oleg Viktorovich for the opportunity to learn more about such an important profession as a gnathologist, for valuable advice and a pleasant dialogue.

We wish you career growth and grateful patients.

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