Selma Blair spoke about the value of the day with a serious diagnosis

“Celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life, because life will not be delayed even for a moment for you.” (Sadhguru)

In 2018, the famous Hollywood actress Selma Blair shocked the world with a loud confession: she is sick with multiple sclerosis and is disabled. Unfortunately, even today this disease is incurable and leads to serious consequences.

However, despite the disappointing forecasts, the star continues to struggle and tries to live life to the fullest. She talks about how to stay happy, even when everything is falling out of hand, on her Instagram, inspiring thousands of other women with her example.

Selma Blair
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“I still live”

Looking at Selma Blair’s diverse and positive Instagram account, it’s hard to believe that this active woman is living with a serious autoimmune disease. For the first time, the actress’s problem became known in 2018, and less than a year later, Selma gave several interviews in which she was not afraid to talk about all the consequences of the disease and the difficulties of treatment. The star had to undergo chemotherapy and as a result of such “aggressive” treatment, she completely lost her hair. However, at that time, the actress had no choice – at the beginning of treatment, her condition was rapidly deteriorating.

Fortunately, the chemotherapy gave its results and now the actress is feeling much better. Her close people and pets help her cope with the disease: her son Arthur, friend Sarah Michelle Gellar, Pippa’s dog and a horse.

Selma Blair
Photo @selmablair

Today, the star, as before, meets with her friends, plays with her son, goes for walks and even re-masters horseback riding, as never before, realizing the value of moments.

“Running and playing are short-lived for me now. But I look, I take pictures. And I share them with you, I hope that’s enough. I sit and admire the power of the tides. Here is my boy, his dog, the beach. And I am here. His mother. This is the luxury of life “, – writes Selma on his blog, which has 2.4 million subscribers.

Selma Blair 3
Photo @selmablair

Give hope

In 2019, Selma appeared at the Vanity Fair Academy Awards. The actress was in a gentle flowing floor-length dress from the Ralph & Russo brand, and although she had to lean on a cane, she held her head high and proudly. It was a real challenge to the disease.

Selma Blair 4
Photo @selmablair

The actress admits that by her example she wants to instill hope in other people suffering from this disease and show that life does not end with such a diagnosis.

“It’s very difficult, even if at the best times. The child is asleep, and I sit down and reflect on my day. Day. Of course, my oily fingers accidentally deleted or archived my last post. For me, the simplest technologies now seem like a labyrinth of procedures. But I cannot be the only one. So I applaud you all. “

Selma Blair 5
Photo @selmablair

Selma Blair brought up a very important topic. We decided to find out what the Indian sage, yogist and mystic Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru thinks about life, illness and death. And this is what he said:

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The nature of your logical mind is such that it would like to completely eliminate the topic of death from its thoughts. This is why most people build their psychological processes around the absurd idea of ​​immortality – as if they will live forever. Every day, nothing in their thoughts reminds them that their time is limited, that they are just a relay baton between the previous and the next generation. Now it takes people a lifetime to realize that they are mortal; they need a heart attack or cancer to be reminded.

Celebrate and enjoy every moment of your life, because life will not be delayed even for a moment for you. So it’s extremely important that you turn it into a fun and fantastic experience. If you were immortal, you could “enjoy” centuries of depression, anxiety, madness and unhappiness, and only on your 500th birthday, perhaps, you would become joyful. But you are not immortal. You are mortal and your life is gone.

This is not gloomy news, but life-affirming. You will only be truly in tune with life if you know that the time to live is very limited.

No time to indulge in nonsense, depression, anxiety or anger. There is no time for unpleasant sensations in this life. If you think that you will live forever, you will completely miss life, entangled in the web of your psychological attitudes, which have nothing to do with reality. But imagine that you die in an hour – then you would pay attention to every smallest part of your life.

You can truly enjoy life and walk this path with joy only when you realize that you are mortal. If you constantly remind yourself of this, the whole process of life will free itself from psychological traps and physical limitations and will want to experience everything. He will become hypersensitive. Your life will naturally begin to seek beyond. The spiritual process will become a natural process of growth for you, and not something imposed from the outside.

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