September 1 for your first grader: how to arrange a holiday

How to celebrate September 1 with a first graderSeptember 1 is a special day. Especially for first graders. And parents, of course, want this day to leave only the brightest emotions in the child’s memory and become an occasion for an attentive attitude to study. And for this you need to create a real holiday for your baby, which, first of all, the parents themselves should feel. How to arrange a holiday for your first grader?

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Key recommendations for preparing for September 1

Holiday on September 1 for a first grader - preparationOf course, you should think about the holiday in advance. It is desirable, in a month or two, to have time to prepare everything.

What are the main points of preparation?

  • Firstly, attitude of parents and child… It is unlikely that the baby will wait for this day with a sinking heart, if for the parents on September 1 there is only an extra headache. It is clear that a lot depends on financial resources, but the very atmosphere of the holiday can be created with a minimum of money – there would be desire and imagination.
  • The statements “School is hard labor” and “How much money will have to be invested!” keep your fears to yourselfif you don’t want to discourage your child from learning in advance. Tell your child about friends he will meet, interesting excursions that await him, about a busy school life and new opportunities.

Start with your child to create a festive atmosphere. decorate an apartment to the day of knowledge:

  • Preparing for September 1Hang up air balloons.
  • Make an autumn “wall newspaper” with your child – with drawings, poems, collages.
  • You can also do and photo collageby combining photos of the baby from birth to school on a large sheet and accompanying them with funny comments and drawings.

And, of course, autumn leaves – where without them. There are tons of original paper crafts imitating yellow-red autumn leaves – one of the symbols of September 1. They can be hung on strings or pictures can be made from real leaves.

What gift for September 1 to choose for your first grader – what to give to the first grader?

A gift for a first grader on September 1When choosing a gift for your beloved first grader, remember his age. You shouldn’t reject the idea of ​​a toy gift right away – after all, it’s still a child. Well, do not forget about the basic “gift” ideas:

  • Backpack
    The main selection criteria are safe materials, visual appeal, comfort, orthopedic base, and the presence of useful pockets. You can fill it with beautiful notebooks, pens / markers, useful toys and sweets.
  • Telephone
    Of course, there is no need to buy an expensive phone. Children at this age are rarely attentive to things. But the connection with mom and dad will now be very necessary. A simple model with a minimum of functions is fine – more is simply not needed for the school.
  • Books
    This is the best gift at all times. For example, a large book of fairy tales with colorful illustrations, a children’s dictionary or an encyclopedia on the topic that interests the child most of all (space, animals, flora, etc.) – fortunately, there is no shortage of such books today.
  • Artist’s suitcase.
    Such a useful set will be a great gift for every child. There are ready-made sets, or you can assemble it yourself, beautifully packing everything that you may need for drawing – from pens and pencils to a palette and different types of paints.
  • Don’t forget the alarm clock.
    Now you will need to get up early, and an alarm clock with a funny call will come in handy. Today there are flying, running away and other alarm clocks that the child will certainly like.
  • A gift for a first graderLamp on the table.
    This can be a lamp in the form of your favorite cartoon character or a lamp with a photo frame (calendar, mini-aquarium, etc.).
  • Written personal desk.
    If until now your child has been drawing in the kitchen at a common table, then this is the time for such a gift.

How to spend September 1st interesting and unforgettable?

Where to go on September 1 with a first graderTo make the day of knowledge for the kid not just a tick on the calendar, but a memorable and magical event, you need to make a little effort. In addition to decorating an apartment, a festive table, mood and gifts, the child can extend the holiday outside the school walls.

For example, tell a first grader:

  • To the cinema and McDonald’s.
  • To a children’s play.
  • To the zoo or dolphinarium.
  • Arrange a festive picnic with fireworks.
  • Can videotape an “interview with a first grader” for memory. Without forgetting to ask questions – what is school, who do you want to become, what did you like most about school, etc.
  • Buy a huge school photo album, which you can start filling out with your child, accompanying each photo with comments. By the end of school, flipping through this album will be interesting for both the child and the parents.
  • Can negotiate with the parents of the kid’s classmates and gather everyone in the children’s cafe – there they will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and at the same time have fun celebrating the holiday.

Festive table for a first grader on September 1 at home

Cake for September 1 for a first graderKnowledge Day should also be a delicious holiday. There are many recipes for dishes, the most important thing is their festive theme design.

Basic rules for the menu on September 1:

  • Product safety.
  • Brightness of table decoration (tablecloths, children’s disposable tableware, jugs of juices, sweets, etc.).
  • The originality of the design of the dishes… Even simple products can create a real masterpiece.

Contests and games for September 1 for your first grader and his friends

  • Games for September 1Travel to space.
    Children can visit the planet of Biologists, visit the asteroid of Riddles, fly on the comet Sweet Tooth and go to the constellation of Athletes. The tasks must correspond to the name of the space object.
  • Catch a titmouse.
    Participants stand in a circle with their hands tightly clasped. Inside the circle – “titmouse”, outside the circle – “cat”. The cat must break into the circle and catch the prey. The task of the participants is to prevent the predator from reaching the bird. As soon as the bird is caught, you can choose a new titmouse and cat.
  • Verbal football.
    Participants stand in a circle. One of them throws the ball to someone, calling a word. For example, “fish”. The person who caught the ball must name a word that matches the meaning. For example, “floats”. Or slippery. And immediately throw the ball to another. The one who responds with a word, out of meaning, is eliminated.

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