Shakira boasted elastic forms in a swimsuit

Singer Shakira never ceases to delight fans with her beauty: the other day, the famous Colombian woman posted on Instagram a spectacular photo in a swimsuit against the background of the beach. The picture shows the star posing in a pink bikini with fringes in the most natural way: without a gram of makeup and with her hair down. At the same time, the main emphasis was placed on the flawless forms of the Latin American.


Shakira is the happy owner of a beautiful harmonious figure – slim and fit, without a hint of excess weight and cellulite, and at the same time feminine, with smoothly outlined forms without thinness. Even at the beginning of her career, the singer quickly realized that her bright attractive appearance was a big trump card in the field of show business and put her body into action, making incendiary dances a part of her performances. Today, the star is at the peak of popularity: this year she performed with Jennifer Lopez at the 2020 SuperBowl Cup, where only the most popular celebrities are invited.

shakira and lopez

Shakira’s rejuvenating apples

Looking at the singer’s stunning performances and pictures, it’s hard to believe that this sultry beauty is already 43 years old! However, there is no magic here: an active lifestyle, fitness and proper nutrition help the star stay slim and young.

Shakira trains a lot, alternating various loads (tennis, kickboxing, Pilates, zoom), and besides, she is fond of dancing. As a true Hispanic woman, she cannot completely give up meat and high-carb foods, but she prefers to eat in small portions so as not to overeat. The star does not abuse sunburn, protecting its skin from ultraviolet rays, because they are the main enemies of youth.

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