Shaman test – choose a mask and find out your purpose

All ethnic tribal masks have their own purpose. Traditionally, the mask is worn by the dancer, who then becomes the “bearer” of the spirit of the mask, a kind of mediator between the tribe and the spirit.

Try to be that kind of dancer for a moment and choose a mask that you like. Your choices can say a lot about who you are as a person and what your purpose is.

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Shaman Test: Choose a Tribal Spirit Mask to Find Out Your Purpose

1. Talking mask

You are not shy about your emotions, and you are not afraid to look weak, vulnerable, and open. You perfectly understand how important it is to voice what you feel, but at the same time you try to be tactful so as not to harm anyone with your thoughtless words.

In other words, you are aware of the consequences because you think very well before you speak. You are a creative person and a bit of a romantic who loves to please people with small surprises and tokens.

2. Laughing mask

You love to have a good time, have fun, communicate, and you absolutely do not care what others think and say about this!

You are one of those completely free and independent individuals that many people envy, secretly dreaming of becoming just like you. Your sense of humor is your strength, and you use it to motivate and uplift those around you.

You know that life is too short to take things too seriously.

3. Warrior mask

A special fire burns in you, which makes you an excellent fighter who knows how to defend yourself and loved ones. You never step aside and don’t let people influence you. Your courage, persistence and determination are admirable.

No matter how hard life is, you will not give up in the face of danger and will continue to fight. Although you are incredibly courageous, you are also smart and perfectly understand that one is not a warrior in the field, and therefore you need a support team.

4. Mask of the Madman

Beware of your own inner demons that try to weaken and enslave you. You, most likely, are now struggling with something in your life, therefore it is extremely important for you to hide all emotions under lock and key.

Stay away from quarrels, conflicts and explosive situations to avoid unpleasant consequences that you will later regret. Do not hesitate to ask your loved ones for help, who will always support you and give you a shoulder.

5. Mask of the ruler

You have the strength and charisma of an outstanding leader. You are both strict and fair, benevolent and friendly – it all depends on the circumstances that develop in your life.

People know they can trust you completely, but they also understand perfectly well that trying to step over you would be a huge mistake on their part.

You have worked hard to earn respect and recognition, so use your abilities and talents to change our world for the better.

6. Spiritual mask

Your strength is in your intuition. You are incredibly empathetic, empathic and receptive, so you can “read” others like a book. It will not be difficult for you to find a common language with any person from the most diverse strata of society.

You are using your power for the good of everyone, not for your own gain. Instead of judging others, you first put yourself in their shoes and then try to help them in difficult situations.

7. Mask of the healer

You prefer to give rather than take. In case of problem situations, you are the first to rush to the rescue and do not spare your time and effort. You have long deserved universal love with your altruism and dedication.

Although you never ask for anything in return, people always repay you with kindness for kindness. You know how to build great relationships with them and try to be useful to others.

8. Silent mask

You are considered a dark and mysterious person. You have a special, almost magical attraction that is difficult to understand and decipher.

You are the kind of person who is both frightening and powerfully attracts to you. Although you are aware of your strength and abilities, you prefer to be quiet and humble.

You are an introvert, so you spend most of your time alone, although you will not refuse a party in a pleasant company if you are in the right mood.

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