Sheikha Mozah – a woman legend of the East

We are used to thinking that Arab women are closed to the world, wear a hijab that hides their bodies and faces, have no voice and are significantly dependent on men. Indeed, they have been like this for many centuries, but times are changing.

Thanks to such outstanding women as Sheikha Moza (one of the wives of the third emir of Qatar), revolutionary changes are taking place in the minds of people. Who is she really? Bologny’s editorial team introduces you to her amazing story.

The life path of Sheikha Moz


The full name of our heroine is Moza bint Nasser al-Misned. Her father was a wealthy businessman, he provided his family with a comfortable and happy life.

At 18, Moza met her future husband, Prince Hamid bin Khalifa Al Thani, who later became the third sheikh of Qatar. Young people immediately fell in love with each other.

Despite the idea of ​​submissive and lack of initiative women, established in the East, our heroine was in no hurry to follow it. Since childhood, she was distinguished by curiosity and the desire to develop. She was more interested in the science of the human soul. That is why she received a psychological education and left for an internship in America.

Back in Qatar, she married Hamid bin Khalfa. At that time, she was his second wife. With the birth of children, Moza did not wait and gave birth to her first child a year after the wedding. In total, she gave birth to seven children to the sheikh.

Interesting! The third Qatari sheikh had 3 wives. Together they bore him 25 children.

Sheikha Moz’s fashion revolution

This amazing woman, even as a baby, has established herself as self-sufficient and decisive. She never hid behind a man’s back and preferred to solve emerging problems on her own.

They say that the third sheikh of Qatar loved her most of all, his second wife Moza, since she was not afraid to express her opinion to him on any issue, she was strong and courageous.

But this is not what the sheikh became famous for. She, not without the help of her beloved husband, was able to achieve participation in the politics of Qatar. This event caused a resonance throughout the Arab world, because previously not a single woman of the East was a subject of the political life of society.

Moza’s influence on the Arab world did not end there. One day she told her husband that the local women’s outfits were too boring, and the hijab (a dark cape that hides the neck and face) spoils their appearance. The third Qatari sheikh loved Moza so much that he allowed his wife to dress as she wanted.

As a result, the sheikh began to appear in public in bright, beautiful, but quite decent attire. By the way, she did not neglect the Muslim tradition of covering her head with a cloth, but instead of a hijab she began to use a colored turban.

Sheikha Mozah in a turban

Moza has set a worthy role model for Arab women. After her bold thoughts and decisions in Qatar, and throughout the Arab world, they began to sew beautiful bright clothes for respectable Muslim women.

Important! Sheikha Mozah is a style icon for Arab ladies. She proved that it is quite possible to combine decency and stunning appearance.

Perhaps her most daring decision was to go out in trousers. Recall that earlier Muslim women appeared in public only in long skirts.

Sheikha Moza’s clothes are varied. She wears:

  • classic trousers with shirts;
  • dresses;
  • suits with wide belts;
  • elegant cardigans with jeans.


No one can say that she looks vulgar or defiant!

It is interesting that our heroine never uses the services of stylists. She creates all her images herself. An impressive part of her wardrobe is products from world brands. By the way, her favorite brand is Valentino.

Political and social activities

Our heroine always knew that the boring and carefree life of a housewife was not for her. Married to the third sheikh of Qatar, Moza organized her own charitable foundation. She became an active political and public figure. The UNESCO World Organization sends her to other countries on educational missions as an ambassador and negotiator.

Sheikha Mozah has been fighting all her life to ensure that children of all countries of the world have the opportunity to receive a good education. She regularly meets with the leaders of world powers, draws their attention to the problem of teaching children.


She has her own Foundation, Education a Child, which aims to empower children from poor families to take a general education course.

Moreover, Moza donates billions of dollars annually to the medical field, empowering poor people to get rid of their ailments.

We hope our heroine impressed you pleasantly. We ask you to leave your opinion about it in the comments. Believe us, it is very interesting to us!

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