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Beautiful and well-groomed nails are one of the hallmarks of any woman. On the one hand, the girls do not look at the hands immediately and not in the first place, but, nevertheless, they do not ignore them. Nails allow us to judge the accuracy of the girl and how much she knows how to take care of herself. But to pay due attention to your nails is worth the time, which is not always enough, but you want to be irresistible.

In such cases, it is worth paying attention to such a new coating for nails as shellac.

What is Shellac?Shellac fashionable coating - description, video and reviews about Shellac

The novelty was born in the USA and very soon became popular all over the world. It can rightfully be called a good alternative to conventional varnish.

Shellac is a hybrid of gel and varnish and combines the best of their properties.

The main principle of the novelty: “Easy application – perfect hold – instant release”.

Shellac is applied like a regular varnish with a brush. The brush has a flat shape, which allows you to evenly apply shilak along the entire length of the nail.

Shellac is dried under an ultraviolet lamp within a couple of minutes. Therefore, it is not lubricated and does not require adjustment.

1. Trim and process the nail plate and cuticle.
2. To polish the nails with a file (file the edges and polish the surface of the nails)
3. Degrease the surface of the nails
4. Apply base and cure the coating in the lamp for 10 seconds.
5. Apply a layer of Scellac colored varnish and dry in a special lamp for 2 minutes.
6. Apply a second layer of colored varnish and cure in a lamp for 2 minutes.
7. Apply a protective coating and cure in the lamp for 2 minutes

The manicure is ready!

Advantages and disadvantages

Shellac fashionable coating - description, video and reviews about ShellacShilak, indeed, is very easy to apply, it is also absolutely harmless to your nails, does not damage the nail plate, and moreover, strengthens nails, protects them from various kinds of mechanical damage, scratches.
Its greatest advantage isthat you wear a regular varnish for 2-3 days, and with a shilak you can take a week and it will perfectly retain its original appearance and your nails will look neat. Shellac’s key property is that it is odorless and hypoallergenic.

Shellac is an indispensable tool for people with a fast pace of life and for those who go on vacation, and there may not be time for a manicure and pedicure, and you always want to be beautiful, especially during a vacation.

Shillac is perfect for those who don’t like artificial nails.

Disadvantage of shilak is that for such nail care you will have to go to a beauty salon, such a procedure at home is not possible. But given how long shellac is worn, you can afford such a procedure once a week.

Shellac Coating Reviews From Those Who Have Tried!


I have a pink Shillac on my nails now. I have been walking for the 8th day. The coating is really perfect, but the overgrown edges do not look very cool.


A friend has been walking for the third week already – she is insanely happy .. it looks very neat, at first I myself did not believe in such an effect) but if the varnish is not bright (she has pink-beige), then the edges are not so striking … I think to do it myself, especially , in my city, as it turned out, these manipulations are carried out right in my house))


I have been working with gel polishes for about a year. Including with Shellac (SHELLAC). Shellac is the most capricious of all gel polishes when working with it. Just like any other gel polish, it strengthens nails. Bio-gel, of course, is stronger, but gels-varnishes also make nails harder, because. the composition of the product, in addition to varnish, also includes a soft gel, which will allow you to grow them to the desired length. Shellac is no more harmful than other products used in the neil industry. It has no smell. French, of course, can be done in the same way as with ordinary varnish. Gel polishes are an ideal modern product that replaces conventional polishes. They stay on nails for one to three weeks (GELISH-Jelish lasts 4-5 weeks), then are removed from nails and completely reapplied after manicure. No correction is done here. Try it! I have not heard any complaints about gel polishes, including Shellac. On the contrary, customers are delighted.

Do you like shellac?

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