Shiny, loose eyeshadow in make-up – the secrets of proper application

How to apply loose eyeshadowIt is known that shadows are not only pressed in palettes or cream, but also crumbly. Usually they are pure color pigment without the addition of any substances that bind the particles together. That is why such shadows allow you to achieve a more intense and vibrant color on the eyelids.

However, shimmery powder eyeshadows need to be applied correctly using specific techniques. Otherwise, they will either immediately or in the near future fall off the eyelids, or they will lie loose and uneven.

Features of Loose Eyeshadow

  • As a rule, such eyeshadows are sold in jars.
  • Loose shadows are of several types: matte; shiningwhich makeup artists usually call pigments; completely shiny – glitters
  • The difference between pigments and glitters is in the concentration and degree of grinding of shiny particles: in pigments they are less, in glitters – more.
  • Loose shadows can be presented in completely different shades: from the lightest to charcoal black. Indeed, they can be used to achieve significant color intensity. Of course – after all, in fact, you are applying pure color to the eyelid. And if they also contain glitter, can you imagine how beautiful the result will be?

Despite the fact that the shadows differ from each other, the principle of their application is the same.

How to apply loose eyeshadow?

From the name of the shadows, it can be assumed that they crumble. Therefore, it will be logical to first do eye makeup using them, and only then do the makeup of the rest of the areas on the face.

Glitter eyeshadow with glitter

For more convenience, you can put cotton pads under the lower eyelid: this will allow crumbling particles to be collected directly on them.

1. Substrate for loose eyeshadow

So, first of all, it is necessary to put a substrate on the eyelid so that the friable shadows do not lie in one whole spot. To do this, you can use either matte beige or light brown, creamy eyeshadow, or matte lipstick of the same color.

  • Apply the product of your choice to the upper eyelid and blend thoroughly with the round brush.
  • Use the remnants on the brush to work on the lower eyelid for more harmony.

2. Base under the eyeshadow makeup

Once your substrate has hardened, you can proceed to the next step.

For good application of pigments or glitters, a special base must be used. As a rule, it differs somewhat from the usual base under the shade in a more viscous consistency and strong density. It is used so that loose shadows not only do not crumble over time, but also lay down tightly and evenly, leaving no empty spaces.

I recommend using Nyx glitter base… This is a fairly high-quality tool that will serve you for a long time and faithfully.

Nyx glitter base

  • Squeeze a small amount of the base onto your index finger and spread it evenly in a thin layer over your upper eyelid.

Don’t let the base freeze – and immediately proceed to the next step.

3. Applying friable glitter eyeshadow on the eyelids

  • Pour some eyeshadow onto the lid of the jar.
  • Dip your index finger in the shadows that have been poured. After that, use your finger to apply the shadow on the eyelid. Do this in a firm, patting motion, starting from the center of the upper eyelid and moving first to the outer corner of the eye and then to the inner corner. Make sure the shadows fall evenly.
  • If you feel that there is not enough pigment, type it on your finger again – and fill in the empty spaces.

Applying loose eyeshadow with a brush is a common mistake… Pieces of pigment are lost in the bristle of the brush – even if it is densely packed with hairs.

Moreover, it is not possible to get good coverage from using a brush for another reason: Loose eyeshadow when applied with a brush crumbles with a much greater intensity than when applied with fingers. But this is not a reason to completely abandon brushes in such a make-up.

Round eyeshadow brush

Round brush you can comfortably blend the boundaries of the transition of loose shadows into the skin. However, the larger the particles they contain, the more carefully you need to shade.

Bring the round brush directly to the border between the shadow and matte. Slowly and smoothly, in abrupt movements, fade the shadows a little upward.

I do not recommend applying loose eyeshadow on the lower eyelid.… However, if you still want to put a colored or shiny accent, then you can apply very few of these shadows to the center of the lower eyelid. This is done, again, with a finger.

Let the shadows take hold by blinking slowly and infrequently for a few minutes. Then paint over the lashes with mascara – however, do it carefully and carefully.

After you have finished working with loose eyeshadows, wipe the area under the eyes, first with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water, and then with a cotton pad moistened with tonic. Then feel free to proceed with the rest of the makeup.

Makeup with glittering shadows

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