Should you buy NYX brand cosmetics?

NYX brand cosmeticsAlmost every modern girl has heard a lot about cosmetics from the NYX brand, which appeared on the market relatively recently. If it was published in America in 1999, then it was seen on the shelves of Russian stores only 3 years ago.

What made the brand so popular? Good marketing ploy or decent quality?

Rather, a mix of the above.

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NYX among competitors

Many people know that NYX does not skimp on mailing lists for famous bloggers. Many lines are advertised by professional star makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan.

In fact, the cosmetics of this brand are leading in terms of price / quality ratio. She, of course, in this indicator will not surpass Catrice and Essence, but for a very inexpensive price you can buy professional cosmetics.

Of course, like any brand, NYX has its bestsellers and flops.

Let’s take a closer look at all the pros and cons.

1. Assortment for lip makeup

In this line, I would like to note a successful product from the category of liquid matte lipsticks – Soft Matte Lip Cream… A wide range of colors, good durability and pleasant consistency made it a bestseller.

NYX lip makeup

However, NYX has its own disappointments in this segment.

2. Means for contouring, highlighting and mattifying the face

In general, the brand produces quite good lines in this segment, but tonal means for such a price can really be found better.

Facial contouring and mattifying products

But with highlighters, concealers and bronzers, things are fine. For example, palettes such as “Love You So Mochi” and “3 steps to sculpt” are in great demand.

3. Rulers for eye makeup

Let’s start with the shadows, about which there is a very controversial opinion. We can say that the larger the palette, the worse the pigmentation. And, in general, quality.

However, the shadows in all palettes are decent, but you should not expect a miracle.

NYX eye shadow

With eyeliners, NYX, of course, miscalculated. Inconvenient applicators and poor durability are unlikely to appeal to anyone. But, if you take to any event such as a photo shoot, then you can’t go wrong with the color, since the color gamut is very unusual and quite extensive.

The brand’s mascaras, frankly, are ordinary, without any special impressions.

4. Products for eyebrows

This is one of the main advantages of NYX.

NYX for eyebrows

Very good pencils and fondants, with which you can safely draw each hair, as well as special palettes that include wax and two colors.

5. Means for skin care

Feel irresistible at a noisy party with NYX Highlighter, Glitter or Body Powder!

NYX highlighter

Pros and cons of NYX cosmetics – summing up

Summing up, I would like to arrange all the pros and cons in order to still understand whether there was a false curtain of praise hanging over this brand.

So the pros:

  • Value for money.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Lots of good products.
  • Quite good compositions.
  • Wide range of.


  • Many prices are overpriced.
  • Many eyeshadows have poor pigmentation.
  • Product fragility.
  • Difficult makeup removal.

NYX cosmetics

As you can see, the products still have their drawbacks, which many were silent about, there are failures, and there are also bestsellers.

How important are any disadvantages in this cosmetics – this is the choice of everyone.

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