Signs in clothing that indicate poor taste

Some features in women’s clothing sometimes, to put it mildly, do not meet the standards of modern fashion. In the images of girls, at times there are wardrobe elements that betray a lack of taste. We have compiled an up-to-date five-point checklist to help you avoid mistakes or missteps and to always look your best.

Things are out of shape

things are out of shape
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There are five body types in total:

  • triangle (pear);
  • inverted triangle;
  • hourglass;
  • rectangle;
  • Apple.

When choosing wardrobe items, every woman should know which of the specified items corresponds to her shape. But many girls, when choosing clothes, neglect their own body type, focusing exclusively on taste preferences. For example, often on the street you can meet a lady with lush hips, defiling in a short skirt. Such an outfit clearly emphasizes the lack of signs of taste in the clothes. For this reason, it is worth choosing things that suit a specific figure.

Size mismatch

Things must be appropriate for size. But, unfortunately, some girls somewhat overestimate their capabilities, thinking that they can fit into a smaller one without any problems. As a result, the clothes look “like on a drum”, bringing out all the problem areas. The same sad fate befalls clothing that hides what should be emphasized.

figure shapes

For example: on the forum of a well-known fashion and stylistic analyst, one girl complained about a very thin figure, because of which the wardrobe items look like a skeleton in size, and when buying a larger size they hang in a bag, creating signs of a provincial in clothes.

The stylist recommended her an option to solve the problem: “Try on clothes that visually add volume, but do not spoil the figure: for example, trousers with a pattern, voluminous and pleated skirts, and a top made of voluminous material. Someone perfectly hides thinness with simple dresses, while someone competently combines voluminous outfits to fit the figure. “

Overkill with decorations

The thin, graceful ring on the finger undoubtedly lends elegance to the appearance. A beautiful brooch or earrings add style and grace to your look. But when a woman puts on a huge amount of precious jewelry, believing that this speaks of status and a rich wallet, then she shows signs of bad taste in clothes. According to experts in the field of fashion, a girl should not have more than two types of jewelry.

The glitter of the spotlights

Wardrobe items with glitter and embellishments are only suitable if there are few of them. But going over rhinestones, sequins and other sparkling elements are signs of a lack of style in clothes.

busting with decorations
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Stylists advise adding no more than one shiny element to the outfit, otherwise the suit turns into a Christmas tree: “You need to understand the difference between day and night brilliance. Of course, rhinestone inlay today is no longer accepted as a purely evening option. But what is acceptable in the dark is unlikely to look good during the day. A party dress decorated with rhinestones would be appropriate, but a pencil skirt for a business meeting would not. “

Overkill with prints

Another sign of poorly chosen clothing is the huge number of prints in the outfit. Many ladies manage to put on everything at once, mixing leopard leggings, a blouse with drawings from comics and polka-dot socks. In this case, the appearance is more like a carnival costume, giving the girl a complete lack of taste. It is very important to consider that only professionals can competently combine bright prints. Therefore, if there is no confidence in the harmony of clothes, it is better to avoid such experiments.

bust with prints
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So, we have analyzed the 5 most relevant signs that give out bad taste in clothes. And if you really want to look stylish and harmonious, then it’s time to do a “spring cleaning” in your wardrobe and get rid of unnecessary things.

As Coco Chanel said: “Dressing up as Scheherazade is easy. Finding a little black dress is more difficult. “

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