Signs of a nervous breakdown – 7 alarming symptoms from a psychologist

Determining the boundaries of a mental norm is more difficult than you think. Stress, unjustified expectations, physical and mental overwork – all this can unsettle. Internal resources are not always enough to fight moral devastation. Then a nervous breakdown occurs. And this is a dangerous thing …

But, as you know, if you recognize the disease in time, then it will become much easier to deal with it. We have collected useful information for you about the warning signs of a nervous breakdown that the body sends.

Sign number 1 – you begin to think that all the people around you are fools


To put it simply, a person close to a nervous breakdown turns into a walking atomic bomb that can explode at any moment. She begins to think that everyone around is defective, strange and stupid. No, this is not just increased irritability. A breakdown is much more serious.

In the head of such a person, questions constantly arise:

  • “Why is he / she doing his / her job so slowly?”
  • “Is this person deliberately getting on my nerves?”
  • “Are they really idiots?”
  • “Am I the only normal person in this world?”

In this state, a person becomes uncompromising, he rarely makes concessions, preferring to go ahead to his goal. He becomes overly picky and angry.

Sign # 2 – It seems to you that no one hears you

nobody hears

The potential neurotic becomes more irritable, harmful and difficult to communicate. He also has demands on others are overestimated, a sense of self-worth is exacerbated… Therefore, at the moment of a conversation with someone, it is very important for him to be heard and understood. If the interlocutor ignores, interrupts or does not hear the neurotic, he falls into anger, sometimes uncontrollable.

Due to heightened expectations and a heightened sense of self-worth, it begins to seem to him that those around him devote little time to him or completely avoid communicating with him. In fact, this is a delusion. People had behaved with him like this before, but he simply did not notice it.

Sign number 3 – “The whole world is against me”

  • “What a scarecrow!”
  • “How could you put on THIS?”
  • “You need to stay away from him / her.”

In the head of a person who is close to a nervous breakdown, these and other phrases are often scrolled, but he does not pronounce them. It seems to him that society is talking about him with such concepts.


A neurotic is visited by obsessive, sometimes paranoid thoughts that no one likes him, does not like him, do not appreciate… Hence – apathy, anger and rejection of oneself as a person.

Important! People often look at each other with judgmental gaze, especially when their thoughts are not occupied with something specific. This is how they while away the time. But, it seems to the neurotic that they are looking at him with the aim of condemnation.

Sign # 4 – You find it difficult to control your emotions, especially when surrounded by familiar people

A person who is close to a nervous breakdown is very emotional. Even if outwardly it produces complete tranquility, you should know that everything is seething inside of it. Different emotions mix with each other, there is a “mess”. And controlling this endless stream of different feelings is incredibly difficult.

What can such a person feel at the same time?

  • Anger and love.
  • Irritation and vulnerability.
  • Resentment and tenderness, etc.

Such a person can easily cry in public, even if he has never done so before. His loud laugh in a couple of seconds can be replaced by sobs, and vice versa.

Sign # 5 – You are constantly nervous.


Anxious thoughts do not leave the neurotic’s head. He endlessly replays in his mind the most pessimistic scenarios for the development of the situation. His brain is always at its peak. Because of this, it is impossible to relax.

Important! It is extremely difficult for a person who is close to a state of a nervous breakdown to fall asleep. He begins to suffer from insomnia.

Sign number 6 – you constantly ask yourself the question: “What if …?”

It is extremely difficult for a neurotic to accept a real situation. He regularly asks himself: “How would the situation develop if I had acted differently?” It is difficult for him to come to terms with the present state of affairs. In a state of increased nervous tension, he becomes more suspicious.


  • “My loved one would not leave me if I had spent more time on my appearance.”
  • “My best friend would not have refused to meet if I hadn’t been so intrusive.”
  • “My parents would love me more if I was a good student / studied at school,” etc.

Sign number 7 – you expect only bad things from life


If a person is on the way to a nervous breakdown, he loses faith in himself and the people around him. It begins to seem to him that there is nothing good left in the world. Pessimistic scenarios become his daily practice. Moreover, they are extremely undesirable, but quite real.

Moreover, such a person tries to make other people believe in them, translating all conversations into a dark channel. Well, if someone does not agree with this, he starts to get angry.

Even to the simple question “How are you?” the neurotic will respond negatively, while describing his despair in as much detail as possible. By the way, in such an emotional state people become eloquent.

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We hope that you have learned something of value from this material. Remember that life is great! Well, if you have forgotten about it and embarked on the path of a nervous breakdown, we recommend working with a psychologist in order to improve the psycho-emotional state.

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