Silk dresses are the easiest way to create a sophisticated look

Silk clothing is more commonly worn in summer than in winter. Products made from this material look very light and airy. Luxurious evening dresses, Indian saris and Japanese kimonos are sewn from it. Once upon a time, silk was available only to the richest and most influential people. Now almost everyone can afford clothes made of this fabric. Even in the mass market, you can find a suitable model at a low price. Of course, in this case, the dress will not be made from pure silk, but from a mixture of different materials.

Fashion Silk Dresses

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Finding the perfect dress

Silk shimmers in bright sunlight or artificial light. Because of this, a dress can visually enlarge certain parts of the body if you choose the right style. For girls who want to hide the features of the figure, it is better not to buy light-colored dresses made of solid silk.… But it all depends only on your feelings, because such outfits are very suitable for many. If you feel comfortable, don’t give up on certain fabrics and styles.

Another feature of this material is its unique flowing texture. That is why long draped dresses are so popular. You can choose a form-fitting sheath model or create an airy look with a flared sun skirt. The shorter the outfit, the lower the heel should be… Otherwise, there is a risk of looking vulgar.

But in order to visually lengthen your legs, you can pick up tights of exactly the same shade as the dress.… Also pay attention to the models with a slit on the skirt. If you combine them with shoes with small heels, you can significantly “stretch” the silhouette.

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Colors and styles

For summer it is better to choose models in delicate pastel shades. Light pink, light green or cream dress goes well with sandals and sandals. But in winter give preference to rich colors and shoes without heels.

Army boots, warm sneakers and flat-soled boots look original with the dress.

Pink dress Dress in pastel shade laselva for 9187 rubles

Ballet flats or shoes with small heels are suitable for such a delicate dress.

In winter, you can wear ankle boots or neat boots.

For an evening out, you should choose a brighter outfit. Silk products are in fashion now red, purple and of blue color… If you prefer darker tones, take a look at glitter and sequin models.

To keep it cool, give preference to short cocktail dresses. For the evening, you can throw on top of a denim shirt or jacket.

Bright dress Bright short dress laselva for 1914 rubles

This dress will look very impressive with a denim shirt or leather jacket.

For a meeting with friends or going to any event, an outfit with a simple cut without a neckline is ideal. But for a party or a date, you can go in a bright silk dress with a deep neckline or bare shoulders. The best option for all occasions will be A-line model or Tulip

Dress with tulip skirt Dress with a tulip skirt from GalinaVasilyeva for 14800 rubles

This model can be played up in different ways with the help of accessories.

In a winter outfit, details are very important. These dresses often look very simple, but they have a twist. For example, an original belt, bow or lace inserts.

They also look interesting models with a slit on the back… In winter, they can be worn with an elegant jacket or cardigan. In some collections, designers combine evening silk dresses with knitted detachable sleeves… It turns out at the same time warm, stylish and not too elegant. This bow is perfect for everyday wear.

Successful combinations

You can go to work in silk clothes. To do this, choose a model with a long hem and sleeves. Don’t forget about winter accessories. With the help of a hat, scarf and gloves, you can play up even the simplest outfit in a very interesting way. And instead of warm tights, girls increasingly wear leggings with fur under their dresses.

The absolute trend this season is layeringso why not take advantage of that? Wear a lingerie-style dress with a turtleneck, put on a bomber jacket, parka or colored fur coat. Don’t forget about the combination of different shades, prints and textures

Coral dress Dress from Sack’s for 5290 rubles

Any outerwear, leggings or tights will suit this dress, consisting entirely of natural silk.

On it you can practice creating layered image

If you decide to wear a dress with a jumper, remember that the bow should be no more than three different colors… Otherwise, it will look overwhelmed. It is not at all necessary to combine monochromatic things; you can experiment with prints and decor. In this season, models with an asymmetrical cut are especially popular.

A dress in linen style with an oversized jumper with open shoulders looks interesting.

Lingerie style dress Lingerie-style dress from THEONE for 6727 rubles

The dress will look good with a jacket or jumper.

The combination of a silk dress with a leather jacket has already become boring for many, but it still looks great. But wearing fur clothes on top is only worthwhile if you are going to a grand event with a red carpet. Otherwise, it may look ridiculous and inappropriate.

Burgundy dress Moru dress for 6,500 rubles

This dress looks good with any jacket, you don’t have to take a leather one.

Silk items go well with elegant accessories made of gold or silver. It is better to leave massive lurid jewelry for another look. Although large bright earrings or bracelets can look good with a simple black dress. If you’ve found the perfect Greek-style dress, you can pair it with a neat headband.

Dress beige Olga Skazkina beige dress for 13,900 rubles

For example, sophisticated accessories are perfect for this dress.

Girls who prefer a sporty style will definitely appreciate the combination of a silk product with hoodie or sweatshirt… The dress should be bright, but it is better to choose outerwear in neutral colors: black, white or gray. Instead of a sweatshirt or sweatshirt, you can wear a regular knitted sweater. Then the image will turn out to be very cozy, truly wintery.

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