Singer Madonna – biography, personal life, interesting facts

Singer Madonna - biography, personal life, interesting factsOne of the most popular world pop stars is Madonna. The singer is endowed with unsurpassed talent, beautiful voice and dancing abilities, for which she was rightfully awarded the high title of the queen of pop music.

From an early age, showing aspiration, perseverance and confidence, Madonna managed to achieve great success in her life and musical career.

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Now the songs of the American pop star have become hits and became famous all over the world. The rapid development of creativity, enchanting performances, directorial activity and the release of children’s books helped the singer gain the status of the richest and wealthiest woman in show business.

Madonna even entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most famous and highly paid performer in the world of music.

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Early years – childhood and adolescence

Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958. The singer was born into a Catholic family, in the vicinity of the small town of Bay City, located in the state of Michigan. The parents of the star are Frenchwoman Madonna Louise and Italian Silvio Ciccone. Mom was a technologist working on x-rays, and my father was a design engineer at an automobile plant.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

There were only six children in the friendly and large Ciccone family. Madonna became the third child, but the first daughter in the family, for which, according to tradition, she inherited the name of her mother. In the life of the singer there are four brothers and one sister. Children have always lived together and grew up in the care of their parents. However, the unfair fate deprived the children of their mother’s love.

When the singer was 5 years old, her mother died. For six months, she developed breast cancer, which caused her tragic death. The unhappy girl barely survived the loss of a loved one. She suffered for a long time and remembered her mother.

After a while, the father met another woman and married a second time. The stepmother of the young Madonna was the usual maid Joan Gustafson. At first, she tried to show attention and care to her adopted children, but after the birth of her own son and daughter, she completely estranged herself.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

After the death of her mother, Madonna decided to devote her life to study and active work. She studied well in school, was the pride of teachers and an example to follow. For the excessive attention of teachers, the student was disliked by her classmates.

However, when the girl turned 14, the situation changed dramatically. An exemplary girl received the status of a frivolous and windy person for her bright performance at a talent competition.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

“The biggest mistake we make in our life is believing in what other people say about us.”

This is what helped her to open up and find the true path. The young star began to study ballet in earnest and took an interest in dancing. After leaving school, the graduate firmly decided to get a higher education, become a master of choreography and enter the University of Michigan.

Passion for the dance art destroyed the relationship with her father, who believed that his daughter should get a worthy profession and build a career as a lawyer.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

The beginning of the path to success and fame

After a year and a half at the university, Madonna decided to completely change her monotonous life and achieve incredible success. Realizing that creativity is limited in her hometown, the singer decided to move to New York.

In 1978, after leaving the university and packing up her things, she went to the city of prospects and opportunities. Soon after the move, Madonna managed to pass the casting and join the troupe of the famous choreographer Pearl Lang.

But the girl did not succeed in dancing and paying the expenses. Having no money, the future star was forced to look for a part-time job. She had to work hard as a waitress in a diner, a coffee shop, a cloakroom attendant in a restaurant, a model in an art studio and a fashion model. For a long time, Ciccone lived in one of the dysfunctional and criminal areas of the city, in an old, dilapidated apartment. The poor life became the reason for the violence that the unfortunate girl had to face.

Having experienced psychological trauma, Madonna found the strength to live on and move forward confidently.

Video: Madonna – The Power Of Good-Bye (Official Music Video)

In my life there were a lot of scary and unpleasant things. But I don’t want to be pitied because I don’t feel sorry for myself myself”.

She began to go through dance auditions to become part of the dance stars of the pop stars.

In 1979, the talented and capable dancer was noticed by Belgian producers. Van Lie and Madame Perrelin invited the girl to sing, admiring her beautiful voice. After the casting, Madonna received an invitation to move to Paris and build a musical career.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

Becoming a pop star

1982 marked the beginning of the future star’s musical career. Initially, Madonna acted as the drummer for Dan Gilroy’s rock band. It was he who taught the girl to play drums and electric guitar, and also helped to become a musician. Gradually showing talent and creativity, Ciccone mastered musical instruments, began to study vocals and write lyrics for songs.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

In 1983, Madonna decided to pursue a solo career and released her first album, Madonna. It consisted of incendiary and energetic songs, among which was the famous hit “Everybody”.

The fans immediately liked the creativity of the bright and extravagant soloist. After the appearance of the second album “Like a Virgin”, the long-awaited success and fame came to the singer.

Video: Madonna – You’ll See (Official Music Video)

My success does not confuse me, because it came as a result, and did not fall from sky “.

Thanks to the hits, Madonna became famous in America, and after that she became famous all over the world.

Currently, the performer continues to delight fans with her creativity, recording songs and releasing new albums.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

Acting activity of the singer

Madonna decided not to stop at the career of a rising star and the title of queen of pop music. Possessing creativity and talent, the singer became seriously interested in filming. In 1985, having received an invitation to star in a film, the soloist decided to try her hand at acting.

The film “Visual Search” became his debut in filming. And the excellent acting in the musical “Evita” brought Madonna unprecedented success in the film industry and the prestigious Golden Globe Award. Soon, Ciccone began to combine the career of a singer and actress, continuing to act in films.

Among the number of her acting works are films: “Shanghai Surprise”, “Who is this girl?” friend “,” Star “,” Gone “and many others.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

Private life secrets

The personal life of the famous singer, like her musical work, is multifaceted and varied. In the fate of Madonna, there were many interesting meetings and wonderful chosen ones. Given the beauty, charm and sexuality, the soloist has never been deprived of male attention. The first legal spouse of the star was the Hollywood actor Sean Penn. The couple lived in marriage for 4 years, but after a while they decided to leave.

After the divorce, Madonna has a new fan – the actor Warren Beatty. But the love affair was short-lived, and soon the singer was surrounded by the attention of Carlos Leone. The star couple had a beautiful daughter, Lourdes. However, after the birth of the baby, the couple broke up.

Singer Madonna with Lourdes

In 1988, fate gave Madonna a meeting with the famous film director Guy Ritchie. After long meetings and a whirlwind romance, the lovers got married and became lawful spouses. In a happy marriage, Rocco’s son John was born, and later the couple adopted a single boy, David Banda. But the seven-year marriage of Richie and Ciccone was destroyed, and the couple filed for divorce.

Singer Madonna with children

Madonna is a loving and caring mother. She shows tenderness and care for children, considering them happiness and the main meaning of life.

The most important thing in life is children. It is in the eyes of children we can see the real world. “

Despite her vigorous activity and musical career, the star always finds a free day to spend time with the guys.

Singer Madonna with her daughter Lourdes

Interesting facts about the life and personality of the singer Madonna

  • Madonna does not like and does not know how to cook.
  • The singer auditioned for the lead role in The Bodyguard, but the spot went to Whitney Houston.
  • Madonna’s video for the song “Like A Prayer” depicts burning crosses, for which the pop star was cursed by the Vatican and the Pope.
  • The singer considers the first shooting in the movie “A Specific Victim” to be a shame, because for $ 100 she had to act in explicit scenes. Later, the star tried to buy out the rights to the film and ban the screening, but the lawsuit could not be won.
  • Madonna unleashed her writing talent and published several children’s books.
  • The singer is a designer and has developed her own collection of youth clothing.
  • The singer is claustrophobic. She is afraid of confined spaces and enclosed spaces.

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

Singer Madonna - interesting facts of life

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