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It is important to mark the opening of the ski season with the purchase of a stylish ski suit. The famous couturiers have already presented some of the eccentric models of this year. At the same time, image makers suggest using these sportswear in casual looks. As practice shows, ski suits look spectacular on the streets of bustling cities. Such an outfit will help the fashionista to stand out enchantingly against the background of the gray masses.

Fashionable ski suits

Philipp Plein Fashion Ski Suits

A sporty look gives a woman a special self-confidence. If you add a little stylish arrangement to this outfit, then the bow will turn out to be a little pretentious. Talented couturier from Germany Philip Plein presented a collection of cool ski jumpsuits and suits. The combined model looked impressive.

Fashionable ski suits1

The public’s attention was riveted:

  • luxurious combination of white and graphite shades;
  • fur turn-down collar;
  • cut of the product according to the principle of a leather jacket;
  • decor from zippers.

In another case, the designer made only the sleeves and the outer part of the shelf out of fur. Plein decorated the belt area with an original strip with wool inserts. Philip decorated the knees and embossed seams with sparkling rhinestones, which impressively echoed the sequins on massive gloves.

Fashionable ski suits2

Important! Space shades are again taking the lead. The metallic shine of a ski suit in the rays of the bright sun will amaze all visitors to the resort. Wide legs of this model are in perfect harmony with a cropped jacket and fur patch pockets.

Black ski sets will never leave fashion Olympus. Since leather is on trend again, German fashion designer Plain has made several models in leather. Fur sleeves on the sleeves and white embossed seams lent great contrast to the look.

Internecine battles between white and black ski suits

Snow-capped mountains inspire haute couture ideas. Designers choose a snow-white color as the basis for a ski suit. The popular brand Phoenix offered fans a stylish jumpsuit with a stand-up collar. The designers of the company have made the zipper and fasteners on the pockets in black colors. A yoke and a contrasting belt gave the product a pathos.

Fashionable ski suits3

Bogner has made some adjustments to the total white. The fashionable ski suit of the couturier was made in protective colors, which supported the idea of ​​a military style.

The special chic of the ski bow was made by:

  • graphite-colored zippers;
  • dark edging of pockets;
  • contrasting cuffs;
  • peculiar stripes;
  • black inserts at the bottom of the legs;
  • Hood.

Important! American designer Alexander Wang sees the stylish skier in a different way. The couturier presented a suit in graphite tones to the world. The highlight of the total look was the glossy brand inscriptions, as well as the colorful belt with a drawstring.

Fashionable ski suits

The listed decor elements are destined to be the latest squeak of fashion in the winter season. Nevertheless, these models were worthy of competition with spectacular Chanel overalls. The glittery fabric of the ski suits, the hood and the heavy chain belt made the look stunning. The couturier Chanel decided to soften the dark shades of the bow with a composition of roses on the model’s left thigh.
Fashionable ski suits5

Important! The Philip Plein show caused a furor when Irina Shayk came out in a seductive ski suit with a giant robot on her arm. The designer separated the leather inserts on the jumpsuit with luxurious stones, which perfectly emphasized the curvaceous forms of the Russian model.

Moncler’s contribution to ski suits

Since the Pantone Institute chose hot red as one of the trending shades of 2020, Moncler successfully followed suit. Luxurious ski suits in bright colors will strike all the rivals of the fashionista on the spot.

Fashionable ski suits6

The pompousness of the winter outfit was made by:

  • massive fur cuffs in black and red;
  • quilted jacket;
  • asymmetrical collar;
  • flared bottom.

Yet such an eccentric image was not enough for Montclair’s fashion designers. They presented the next ski suit in a pied-de-bullet print. The goose foot was amazingly combined with a fur hat and coal-colored mittens.

Important! The Moncler brand has original ensembles with a combination of red and white colors. The space theme became the basis of the bow. The stars and the young moon exquisitely adorned the ski suit.

Fashionable ski suits7
Couturier Montclair continued to experiment with prints and delighted women of fashion with ski sets with floral patterns. On a black canvas, they depicted floral arrangements in a retro style. The designers decorated the snow-white overalls with contrasting knee pads, as well as abstract paintings. The proposed models will become the trend of this season.

Fashionable ski suits8

Ski suits are everywhere

Donatella Versace, known to all, could not stand people who hid their personality behind “someone else’s” clothes. Some dressed like aristocrats, and in their life did not hold a single book in their hands. Others positioned themselves as tough girls, but they themselves were afraid to take a step without the support of others. Therefore, if a fashionista is actually a strong and stylish person, then a ski suit is her element. Such a girl can safely wear it in the city, I am not afraid of the opinions of others.

However, the emphasis in this image should be on:

  • bright colors of the product;
  • leather performance;
  • original design;
  • fur inserts.

Fashionable ski suits9

Important! Of course, the cost of ski suits is quite decent. Nevertheless, as the great Aldo Gucci noted, quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. For this reason, you shouldn’t skimp on such luxurious items.

Fashionable ski suits10

Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian adhere to a similar philosophy of style. The eccentric winter outfits of these beauties have attracted public attention not only at the resorts, but also in everyday life. Extravagant ladies looked advantageous against the background of insecure women. Therefore, you should not deny yourself such fashion experiments. You can continue to excite the local “public” with original images with ski suits.

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