Slavic test – what changes will occur in your destiny

Since ancient times, Slavic amulets and symbols have been used to protect against evil forces, search for answers and important predictions. Are you ready to share the culture of your ancestors and take an interesting Slavic test?

Then choose ONE symbol that you think suits you perfectly, and find out what changes will occur in your destiny in the near future.

Important! Make your choice without hesitation. The chosen symbol will become your sign of good luck.

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Choose a Slavic symbol and find out what changes will occur in your destiny

# 1 – Veles Symbol (Bull’s Head)

Veles is one of the central Gods in Slavic mythology. He patronized merchants, artisans and travelers. Veles gave good luck to everyone who made efforts to achieve success and did not give up when difficulties arose.

If you have chosen this symbol, then in the near future the desired changes will come in your life, but only if you make an effort. Of course, nothing will happen. Remember that the result is entirely up to you. Be persistent and the Slavic God Veles will reward you for your efforts.

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№2 – Symbol of Lada (Ladinets)

Lada is the Slavic goddess of love and beauty. She helped those who longed for it to find family happiness. The goddess created conditions for loving people so that they could cope with each other (hence the name, Lada).

If you have chosen this symbol, it means that love tests await you in the near future. Perhaps you will have a secret admirer or you yourself will feel a strong crush. In any case, as wonderful as this feeling is, we recommend that you remember to stay in your mind. You should not completely surrender to feelings, as this can lead to negative consequences and, as a result, to a broken heart.

№3 – Amulet Makosh (Lunnitsa)

Makosh is one of the female Slavic deities. This is a very serious sign! Treat him with respect. If you have chosen Lunnitsa, then only good things await you in the near future. Congratulations!

This sign patronizes adventure seekers and peace of mind. You deserve to live for yourself. Stop solving other people’s problems, take care of your life and you will certainly get lucky.

# 4 – Symbol of Stribog (Stribozhich)

Stribog is the Slavic god of the wind. It is considered the most impulsive and indomitable. Like a gust of wind, unexpected changes will burst into your life in the near future if you have chosen Stribozhich. It is difficult to say whether they will be good or bad. In any case, you have to be patient and willpower.

Remember that Stribog patronizes decisive and strong people, so accept the changes given to you with gratitude.

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